Warehouse 13 Review: Build A Blasted Warehouse

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Warehouse 13 certainly had a lot of ground to cover in tonight’s premiere. After all, they’re basically rebuilding a Warehouse back from scratch.

"A New Hope" had a lot of fun doing just that, as Team Warehouse worked its way across the world searching for lost artifacts to tempt fate, turn back time and save the world from certain despair.

Searching For an Artifact

Yet, for all the good Artie did and his success in saving the Warehouse, none of it may ultimately mattered in the end after seeing the consequences of turning back time.

In the end, his actions came a great personal cost. Claudia may or may not be bad, but she’s certainly a girl who has one mission: bring back Steve. Claudia’s always had a bit of a dark center, but now that Artie has changed the course of history, it’s very likely that the person he’s closest to will be the one who bears that burden of his.

Will it result in his dream of Claudia stabbing him? I really hope not.

As heavy and dark as these themes are, Warehouse 13 never backs down in being charming or having fun. The small moments are always what I enjoy most about the show, and “Hope” certainly didn’t let me down. Pete and Myka are still playful with one another, and continually ignore the chemistry and relationship they have that’s right beneath the surface. Although, if the flashbacks in the beginning are to be believed, Pete is enjoying the relationship he has with Myka while Myka enjoys the relationship she has with HG... but I digress.

Artie and Claudia still have a father-daughter relationship, and are constantly making fun of each other’s age. Their banter in the brotherhood's basement is probably one of my favorite exchanges of theirs to date:

Claudia: That's why it's a 24-hour stopwatch because Magellan was the first one to sail all around the world.
Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth grade?
Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth, and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the International Date Line. | permalink

By the way, did you notice Brent Spiner as Brother Adrian?

Adrian and his black diamond brotherhood are certainly willing to do whatever they need to to make sure the rules are followed. Even if the world descends into despair. He even killed Pete in this now forgotten world. Now the question becomes: is the darkness and evil that the universe spiraled into after the warehouse was destroyed; is that kind of world a good enough tradeoff for unleashing some new kind of evil?

It looks like only Artie will have the answer to that, but I’m sure he knows of an artifact that can help.

Other thoughts:

  • The football actually scans for artifacts and sends that data to the warehouse. That is beyond awesome.
  • HG Wells’ rehabilitation is now complete. I’m rather happy she won’t be blowing up any time soon.
  • Syfy certainly put their corporate synergy flag at full mast with both Lester Holt and Ed Schultz doing small news segments.
  • The Scooby gang only has 23 hours left to reverse this mess, but Pete makes sure to do a Tebow pose. I love Pete.

Be sure to check out some of our favorite Warehouse 13 quotes, and let us know what you thought of tonight’s premiere! Is Claudia “evil” now? What do you think happens now? Is Artie not long for this (new) world? Are you happy HG is now a free woman?


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The romantic love between Myka and HG was quite obvious before (the intensity of their scenes together makes it clear there is more than simple frienship there), but the "even people that we love" line indeed pretty much "cannonified" Myka and HG.


Sorry, but I'm really disappointed about this episode. The plot was boring, there was not a single twist that did not feel absolutely artificial, the playful character interaction that made other seasons great felt like somebody who had never watched the series just decided to tack on some staple "bookwormish Mycah" and "grumpy Artie" and "doofus but we love him because he is so down to earth Pete". Guys, we have too many cool and likeable nerdy characters, let's give that Claudia a DARK TWIST (tm). Oh no, my friend is mortally wounded, but I have this time-reverser so he won't remember but I'll be scared for life, sure I could just use it right now so he doesn't have to die but I'll stay and watch for another pointless death scene so my character can be scarred for life. Look, we're in the middle of a bomb chase, and I come up with the solution, but rather than just going with it my friends really REALLY want to know how I know all that stuff because we know that they don't know that they can't know because that other dude said with his dying breath that they mustn't know or something BAD (tm) will happen. I really hope the next two episodes will be a lot better than this, because if that's where the series is heading I think I'll call it quits and keep my fond memories unspoiled. Meh :(


Boy, that Ed Shultz is one HELL of an actor! He played a Fox-like straight news caster with absolutely no hint of his actual bias! I wonder why? Perhaps he reads the writing on the MSNBC wall, and is getting his resume for Fox news ("SEE! SEE! SEE, I can do other stuff but bash the right every freakin' moment of my life!!")


I think that pete and myka have great chemistry as only friends I just like the way they work together..myka and helena I like what they have to as friends or something more.


Yea Myka and Helena pretty much became canon last night wit the "people we even love" comment about them dying and Myka flashing back to Helena. Either way though I do love Pete and Myka's friendship I don't necessarily want to see a relationship between the two because i'm afraid it would upset the balance of the show.


Wow, what else is there to say...this was a fantastic episode! I'm still reeling! This premier episode had this energy that....well that just pulled me in and left me wanting to find out what happens next. there is a lot going on here and mrs. fredrick certainly knows that something happened. I am sure there is a lot we, as fans, are wondering and I don't know how may of those who frequent this page, the warehouse one, but i came across a news article that talks about some of what we might learn and see this season. http://blastr.com/2012/07/ware... unfortunately, while syfy has ordered a 20 episode season, it appears as though we will only be getting the first ten this season and it won't be until april until we see the back half of season four. i can tell you this much, syfy as a whole, has had many things go wrong with it...ie eureka, sanctuary, just to name a few. i can only hope they don't butcher this show how they have done so to others...this is a very strong show and I for one would hate to see it go out the way others have. goodness knows I didn't care for Stargate SGU vewry much, but syfy cancelled the show and its actors and set people found out via the fans posting on their twitter pages. the corporate conglomerate didn't even have the decency to tell them before the news first broke. Let us hope that this beloved shows stands firm for another year or two!


I'll be glad HG is back as long as there is no romance with her and Myka. The only relationship I was half interested in was Claudia/Witness Protection Guy. None of the adults are people I want to end up with each other. I know that's extremely unpopular, but it's how I feel. Keep everyone as good friends.


Will h.g be in next week episode?


Great premiere.


I hopew claudia isn't evil or atleast they get her back to normal. happ that H.G. is back but don't know if she'll be a regular she might just show up on certain episodes and not everyone.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Claudia: That's why it's a 24-hour stopwatch because Magellan was the first one to sail all around the world.
Artie: So you actually paid attention in fifth grade?
Claudia: Yes, now think back to your youth, and try to remember what he said to you on deck the night he crossed the International Date Line.

You guys sound excited! Did I solve it?!