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This week's Drop Dead Diva featured the return of Deb's mother, Bobbi. In "Lady Parts" she got sued by a former dance student, which led to a very special guest star: Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller!

Miller played herself and was called in to testify against Bobbi's methods. Maddie Ziegler, from the same reality show, also made an appearance.

Abby Lee Miller Guest Stars

Before we go any further, I should admit that I've never watched an episode of Dance Moms in my life. The only thing I really know about it is that James Marsden's character referenced watching it to Tina Fey on 30 Rock. So thank you twitter-verse for keeping me well informed as to who's who.

While Miller and Ziegler fit into the episode's theme, it came across like another ratings stunt, akin to that whole Kim Kardashian business. Granted, Dance Moms is on Lifetime, so I understand the network plug, but bringing all these guest stars on to a show that is smart and funny on its own seems unnecessary. As does bringing back Bobbi Dobkins.

This is nothing against Bobbi, so much as its about Jane, or really Deb, having to be reminded of painful memories. I'm sure some of you disagree but I feel like every time Jane/Deb is with Bobbi, she ends up feeling bereft and upset. We want to see Jane move forward. She already has to see Grayson everyday. Being with her mother, but not being able to tell her that she was reincarnated as someone else, is like being so close to something that you can't touch. It's painful.

Besides, Jane has enough drama on her plate right now with her fiancee back in town. After reading your comments and some of the online boards, I started to buy into the idea that Drop Dead Diva was pulling a Sixth Sense on us. After all, on last week's episode, no one else besides Jane interacted with Owen and it seemed a bit eerie. However this week pretty much put the kibosh on that theory since Grayson, Kim, Staci and Bobbi Dobkins all spoke to Owen. 

That last scene when Jane introduced Owen to Bobbi was a bit emotional. It was really Deb introducing the man she loves to her mother and she couldn't say that out loud. I guess Jane has officially given up on any side feelings she may have had for Grayson. It also seems like Grayson gave up on his love for Jane really quickly. Either that or he's trying to respect her decision to be with Owen, which is completely understandable. Whatever it is, Grayson and Jane's storyline just disappeared into thin air.

It also appears as if Grayson could have a new love interest with an old classmate. A classmate who is a talented sculptor, but also deceptive. I can give her props for knowing how to drum up business, but she did lie to her lawyer and pretend that her sculpture didn't blatantly resemble a vagina!

What did you all think of this week's episode? Did you enjoy the foray into the world of Dance Moms? Do you think Jane will really tell Owen the truth next week? Hit the comments!  


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i love dance moms but i hate abby and the moms fav girl is brooke


I was afraid they were going to go all Grey's Anatomy on us. They did that with the Katherine Heigl's character and her dead lover.


Oh, and I wanted to comment about the fact that Owen is not a ghost! YAY! I was getting worried that he was going to leave with Luke for heaven and leave Jane bereft! And I totally get that he was ticked off that Jane was being so overprotective of him, she doesn't want to get him to the alter only to have him die on her! I also think it was pretty crappy of Luke to take Kim out to the concert when she didn't even know who Niki Minaj is! Stacy shouldn't date him, though, because he really doesn't seem like a nice guy, and Stacy deserves someone nice and normal after having her heart broken by Fred. I am also glad that Grayson is moving on, because I just felt like he would only have loved Jane for the Deb part of her, and not for herself as she is now.


I am not a fan of 'reality shows' on TV, so I have never watched Dance Moms, and from the clips they showed on DDD, I don't think I would enjoy it anyway, if it is just about an obnoxious dance teacher squaring off with equally obnoxious dance moms acting more immature than their daughters. BTW, I can't imagine that it is good for those children to watch adults screaming at each other and then treating them badly to boot. So I could have cared less that Abby whatshername was on DDD. Nor did I really feel great about the return of Bobbi, Debs mom. I agree with the reviewer that Jane needs to move on with her life as it is now, and every time she sees Deb, it reminds her of her former life and childhood, and that can only end in tears.

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