Drop Dead Diva Review: My Boyfriend's Back

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We've waited weeks to find out why Owen disappeared and he finally made his return on "Ashes to Ashes, as love and loss were at the forefront of everyone's minds.

When it was all said and done and we got our answers, I realized that I think this is the first time we've ever seen Jane truly be in love with someone other than Grayson. For four seasons of Drop Dead Diva Grayson was number one in Jane's mind, but it seems she has finally really allowed herself to move on. 

Life threatening situations can do that to a gal!

Joan Rivers on Drop Dead Diva

For anyone who didn't watch the episode, don't be fooled by the photo above. The funeral was merely in Jane's dream, as was Joan Rivers. Stacy took the wheel in educating us on what a Jane's nightmare could possibly mean:

A funeral represents closure and since you never got closure from Owen in real life, your subconscious is working it out for you. | permalink

Of course in the TV world, right after Jane tries to get closure, the guy who broke her heart reappeared. There has been a lot of speculation as to where Owen might've been and whether or not he really left Jane as she so assumed. Much to the relief of viewers who have grown to love Owen, it turns out he in fact did not cheat on our heroine.

But what happened to him was pretty scary. Owen had a medical condition that he chose not to share, went to get it checked out, had a heart attack and went into a medically-induced coma. Nobody knew where he was. Owen mentioned to Jane that nobody knew where he was, not even his family. That seemed odd to me but I suppose not everyone would choose to share something like that. Then again, I don't think Jane even reached out to Owen's sister or anything. It kind of makes me feel like it's too soon for them to be getting married. If the person you're about to marry has a serious medical condition, you should obviously be in the know! People need support! 

I'm glad Jane saw through Owen's facade of dumping her because he really just needed the support and to know someone was there for him. Life is short and scary things do happen, that's why you should spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. In that moment in Owen's office when Jane re-proposed to him, I felt like she had finally and completely given herself over to somebody else. Do you guys agree or do you think Jane and Grayson will end up with feelings for each other again?

One thing that we definitely learned about Jane and Grayson tonight was the difference in their experiences with death of a loved one. This gets tricky since Jane is Deb reincarnated, but she never had to experience it from Grayson's side and go to bereavement groups. I think that sensitivity is what helped Grayson fight harder for his case. If you're fighting for a woman who is physically eating her dead fiancee's ashes, you've gotten understand them on a deeper level. Jane - who is normally very compassionate - was about to write her off and send her to a shrink.

What a crazy case that was, I'm glad they were able to solve it in the nick of time. What did everyone think of this week's Drop Dead Diva? Do you want to see more of Lady Bodacious? Are you softening to Luke after seeing how he helped Terri? Were you surprised by Owen? Hit the comments! 


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Having GRAYSON die and "go to heaven where he talks to Fred" is really pushing that concept into the gray as in enough! Why go there!


I would tend to agree with the consensus that Owen was dead, but for 2 things. One, Jane has the engagement ring again and 2 I thought that Owen stayed with her at her apartment and Staci is aware of them in the bedroom.
Like some mentioned the night of the episode 9, there has to be something happening since they showed the ELEVATOR STOP button close up and it clearly is marked PULL and Owen PUSHED it... like Deb pushed the button when she died and came back as Jane. Don't write Grayson off yet, I believe that they are destined to be together and yes Owen might be in a coma and dying and Jane could see him because she has been on the other side... perhaps Owen has died and pushed the RED BUTTON and comes back and Grayson has an accident and Owen enters his body. I don't think Grayson would have any problem being with Jane as Jane but a little extra push couldn't hurt.
I still would like Fred back, Luke is ok but he plays the part so differently, not bad, just different and I miss Fred.. Did anyone find out the name of the song they played when Jane proposed to Owen? Last scene, Ashes to Ashes August 5th? If you know, please post it... it's driving me crazy looking for it.. can't get it out of my head.


Up until this season I have watch Drop Dead Diva here and there. Thanks to Nextflix I was able to watch seasons 1 through 3. Which brought me up to speed for season 4. I think the show is fresh point of view on relationships and there dynamics.
I am not so sure I want Janeb to end up with Grayson. If Janeb ends up with Grayson it doesn't really do justice for Jane. What Deb reincarnation has done to enhance Jane's life experience is good but it is Deb's second chance after all she was dead not Jane.
I would like to see the the show renewed next season. Plus, I would like to see Deb do a bit more to honor the body of the woman's life who shortened to give her a second chance.
I loved the way this episode wrapped up. When the show is ready to come to wrap I suggest a twist of a reincarnation Jane's love interest. For example Grayson reincarnated in Owen or visa versa.


OMG...I thought it was just me that thought Owen may be a ghost. He was always wearing that same jean shirt, they never embraced and it just seemed weird in the last scene that he had that blue suit on. I also picked up on the fact that NO ONE said anything to him. They never made it to a restaurant and no one even acknowledged his presence. I think he was a ghost and making amends with Jane and explain his sudden disappearance. How sad if he really passed...


Yup, I too, Thought Owen was ghost, SCARY, FREAKY !!!!


I am glad to see that I am not the only one who thought, from the first moment that Owen appeared, that he was dead and Jane was just seeing his ghost.No one else seemed to see him, and it was also always so quiet around him, with the space being just him and Jane with no other people around...it was spooky. Still, I think when she went back and proposed to him, that seemed more real and I hope that it means that the two of them will get married, at least for a short time (we don't know how much time Owen has left). I wonder if Jane is meant to be with Grayson, because she can't seem to tell him about Deb's soul being relocated to Jane's body. I think there is some cosmic reason they aren't together yet, and I wonder if that will be worked out by the end of the season.I think Terri should just be herself and knock off the Lady Gaga imitation, which is stupid and makes her look ridiculous


Owen has died. It seems to be something like the movie The 6th Sense. If you noticed the clothes he is wearing do not change. In the office scene, Jane walks into Owen's office he is wearing the same suit he wore when he first gave her the ring. And too why was he working so late at night? Yes we are seeing his ghost and Jane will realize this at some point that Owen died. Maybe when Fred returns he will be the one to tell her. Grayson may still be in love with Jane now.


What was strange to me was that no one else seemed to see or acknowledge Owen when he walked into the office. Could he in fact be dead and it was his ghost visiting Jane???


This makes no sense to me. Even if Owen didn't tell anyone where he was going I'm sure he would have his cellphone and if he collapsed the hospital would use his cellphone to contact family. If he didn't have a cellphone, he still had to call and setup the appt., and they would have had his medical records including his emergency contacts. Also, I find it extremely strange that no one else saw him the entire time besides Jane. I really do not believe that no one in the office would give her fair warning that Owen was in the building?


I knew when she burned his stuff that she was making a HUGE mistake coz it might turn out to be a big misunderstanding. Still I believed he was gone... But wow, a heart attack... What if he'd died ?! She'd never have known ! The proposal at the end was just WOW. oh and what a case ! Ewwwww eating the ashes, JUST PLAIN WRONG !!!! Kim and Parker are not dating no more? Don't get it. Though, yeah, Parker did not acknowledge Kim as a full partner. THANK YOU Lady Bodacious loool ! And as usual, still enjoy Grayson and Jane, but i agree, when it comes to death and grief, they have very different opinions...
Still, was it safe to get engaged again, after all that? I'm not so sure...


Drop Dead Diva Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Jane: I think you're mixing up ghosts and vampires.
Stacy: I know, but vampires are so much sexier.

A funeral represents closure and since you never got closure from Owen in real life, your subconscious is working it out for you.