FrenEmmy Awards: Lead Actress in a Comedy

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We're back with our latest rundown of FrenEmmy nominees. But first a quick refresher:

In light of constant Emmy Award snubs over the years, certain actors, actresses and television shows have never been recognized in that event's most important categories.

So TV Fanatic is here with a fix. We've already recognized stars/programs in the following categories: Best Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama, Lead Actress in a Drama, Supporting Actor in a Drama and Supporting Actress in a Drama, Best Comedy Series and Lead Actor in a Comedy.

Hugs for Jenna
Zoe & Lavon
Jules & Grayson Cohabitate

And now it's time for Lead Actress in a Comedy.

Help us finally honor the following impressive talents, all of whom have been ignored by that other awards ceremony. Vote below.

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