Michael Des Barres Ready to Rock on NCIS

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Michael Des Barres will bring some real-life rock star chops to NCIS this fall.

The former frontman for the '70s band Detective, Des Barres will portray an aging one-hit wonder from that era who lived the high life, then blew all his money as his fame dimmed and has been dodging creditors ever since.

The British rocker-actor will appear on the third episode of NCIS Season 10.

Des Barres

“This is a very fun episode and Michael Des Barres brings tremendous humor and idiosyncrasy to a character he knows oh-too-well,” EP Gary Glasberg said. “We really lucked out having him join us.”

Des Barres has also appeared on Suits and Bones in recent years.

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i love ncis!!!!!! all the actors and actresses are amazing!!!!! i want ducky back too! he's like the history book of ncis with a great sense of humor!!!! i want everyone to be all right so ncis can live on forever!!!! i can't wait to see gibbs kick deering's butt for blowing up his team's home. also i can't wait to see what happens with tiva:)


I loved this guy as Murdoch on MacGyver!


Michael Des Barres was a recurring character on the Macgyver series...scary, nasty character I always looked forward to seeing...he should be a blast and a half...and the guy can rock!


Me 3...never heard of him


@Aycliffe I haven't heard of him either


Who is he never heard of him,


The season will be Ducky's recovey and how he will handle it.


Ducky is coming back




Can not wait sound like its going to be good

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