True Blood Season 5 Finale: Sneak Peeks

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SPOILER ALERT: Jason Stackhouse is alive.

Yes, he was hit with some major faery light to close out last Sunday's "Sunset," but you can't keep a good (ab) man down, as proven in the first sneak peek posted below from the upcoming Season 5 finale.

It's a funny, extended exchange between Sookie, her brother, Eric, Nora and Tara. Watch the latter trio ask a favor of their friend right now:

Bill will also be confronted with an apprehended Sam inside Authority Headquarters. Take a look at their interaction and return to TV Fanatic Sunday night for a thorough review of "Save Yourself."

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They haven't met yet, but I think this scene has been edited down. I think Eric will introduce her in the full scene.


Tara's line " You owe Pam " is hilarious. she keeps reminding Sookie of what she has done to her. how does Sookie know that Nora is Eric's sister ? did i miss something from the previous episodes? they never met, Sookie and Nora, did they ?


Bill has gone batshit crazy, and he needs a good stake in the heart. As does Edgington.


I so can't wait to see the finale. Looks like it's going to be good. I'm hoping that the Authority storyline ends too.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Jason: Something funny fanger?
Eric: Yes blood bag.
Jason: Leach.
Eric: Breather.
Jason: Dead fu-k.
Eric: Meat sack.
Sookie: Stop acting like children.
Nora: You smell like something I once dreamed of.
Sookie: Eric please ask your sister to stop looking at me like that.

Nora: What is she?
Eric: She is a waitress.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Music

  Song Artist
Stabbing westward save yourself Save Yourself Stabbing Westward iTunes
Brick dazz Dazz Brick iTunes