Weeds Review: Back to Business

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Hmmm.... that wasn't the series finale of Weeds, was it? No? We still need to wait until September 16 for the long-running series to say goodbye? Darn.

I say this not because I've been so dissatisfied with Season 8, although regular readers of my reviews are familiar with my complaints that episodes feel too random these days, while the show as a whole lacks any sort of tension.

But because "Five Miles From Yetzer Hara" actually would have served as a decent finale.

Botwin Sisters

I'm not sure what else we can ask for when Weeds does bow out next month.

We ended this episode with Nancy and Jill in business and in very good graces with each other. The former reconnected with her son, she made love to someone who actually wanted to look her in the eye, Andy realized he wants to have a child of his own. Is every loose end tied up?

No, but that's my issue with this final season: what loose ends are there?!?

Doug might as well be on his own wacky sitcom at this point; his storylines are devoid of reality and unrelated to anything or anyone else. Shane and Silas are sort of just doing their separate things at work, with nothing really on the line in either case. Andy has now found two callings - teaching young Jewish people and desiring his own young Jewish person - and Nancy is likely on the most straight and narrow path she'll ever find.

Boom. Done. Bingo. I'd be satisfied with this as an ending, wouldn't you?

There's not really much else to say because there's no real direction for the season. There's no real source of suspense or tension or even just curiosity that would make viewers tune in next Sunday. These characters are just floating around in their daily lives and those of us who have watched from the beginning know and like them well enough that there's enough to smile or chuckle over every now and then.

That's about it, though. I don't really know where Weeds can go as a farewell that it didn't go to tonight, but I've been around for nearly eight years now. I can wait another month to find out.


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So sad to see such a good series over the years tank with such bad writing and storylines. Nancy has turned into a stupid tramp setting such a great example for her sons. So what else is new. Glad to see this poor example of a show good down forever.


i enjoyed the first few seasons but now the only reason i watch is boredom while i wait for decent tv to return... Dexter, episodes, game of thrones etc..that and im curious how bad it can get.... The show is devoid of, everything actually...the characters have become aimless and uninteresting...nancy is just an annoying slut now. The writer clearly needs to go outside into the real world and walk around, talk to people.... On the other hand a show with a similar plot, breaking bad, has become one of the best tv shows ever! Last season could easily have been the last and this season could easily have seemed redundant but instead they have expanded the characters and created even more intrigue and suspense! Weeds, like the name suggests...should be yanked out from the roots and tossed on the comoost heap!


I agree, this actually would of been fine as the finale. I do not want her character to die or any of them to have a huge disaster or murder type of thing. Doug overstayed his welcome as a character, he should of gone already.


Wow...the best I can say abou this weeks' episode is that it was the least irritating one of the seaoson...if they could have just skipped anything with Kevin Nealon, it might have actually been a good one. It hurts to see such a great show get so bad...I honestly don't know what they can do in the final few episodes to turn things around. At this point, the only thing keeping me watching is loyalty (I loved the first 6 seasons, but this and last season have been remarkably bad), and the fact that I really like some of the cast...Nancy, Andy, and sons are all cool...the rest...eeech...

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