Botwin Sisters
Nancy and Jill have an unusual relationship. But it's on the upswing in this Season 8 scene.


for my favorite tv show. Yes, this seoasn was a major departure from the original premise of the show, some people may be put off by how different it is. It's more violent, more disturbing, and much more intense. But it had me on the edge of my seat during almost every episode and I loved the new additions to the cast, specifically Demian Bichir. Mary-Louise Parker was phenomenal, and I loved the direction Andy's (Justin Kirk) character took. There is still humor, but it's much less zany. My one criticism is what they did with Doug he simply doesn't fit in well outside of Agrestic. But Nancy's progression from small-time dealer to a player in a Mexican drug cartel and its moral implications whose fascinating to watch, and Jenji Kohan turned in a terrific finale, as usual.

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