Castle Season Premiere: What to Expect...

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Yes, I liked it.

Having watched the Castle Season 5 premiere over the weekend, I can assure fans of this ABC series - especially those who have been championing Caskett over the years - that they will be anything but disappointed.

Without giving too much away, I've included a few teases regarding "After the Storm" below. Read with caution and consider yourself just a tad bit spoiler warned...

Castle Cast Picture
  • We see Beckett's bedroom.
  • Yes, Castle and Beckett enjoy some intimate time, but it's interrupted in rather humorous fashion.
  • Ryan and Esposito? Not exactly on good terms.
  • Jack Coleman makes for a terrific U.S. Senator.
  • Someone dies in the explosion teased in this Castle promo, while an important file is also lost.
  • Sorry, but there's no Lanie.
  • The final scene is absolutely awesome.

Castle Season 5 kicks off on September 24. Tune in.

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Does anyone have any idea when Castle Season 5 will be shown in the UK?


15 more days....getting more pumped as the 24th grows near. I know I will have to watch the episode over and over!


where is Lanie? Will there be a new captain- maybe kill her off- so we can get a more professional and supportive captain.


Castle is by far the best show on TV. Never been so excited for a new season.


Ok only 19 days left....move FASTER!!


Why is sept 24 not coming fast ????
Just hurrying to see Castle & Beckett !!!!


Shouldn't have read it..
Now i cant contain my excitement


Not fair - here in the UK we've no idea when we're going to see season 5. Just hoping iTunes will have it for us on-line.


I really have to stop reading spoilers. Now I really cant wait for the premiere. And the "The Final Scene is Awsome" just makes me all sad now since the episode doesnt air for another 20 Days.


Can't wait for Castle--I've started the Castle marathon leading up to the release of last season on DVD on the 11th-- I did a Firefly earlier this summer, and fell in love again with Capt. Mal, and Rick Castle is almost as wonderful, and if that's all I can get, I'll TAKE it!

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Castle Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

The fact is that I admire your loyalty and hope you can feel that way for me someday.


That's going to leave a nasty scar. Every time you see it, think of me.


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