Castle Season Premiere: What to Expect...

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Yes, I liked it.

Having watched the Castle Season 5 premiere over the weekend, I can assure fans of this ABC series - especially those who have been championing Caskett over the years - that they will be anything but disappointed.

Without giving too much away, I've included a few teases regarding "After the Storm" below. Read with caution and consider yourself just a tad bit spoiler warned...

Castle Cast Picture
  • We see Beckett's bedroom.
  • Yes, Castle and Beckett enjoy some intimate time, but it's interrupted in rather humorous fashion.
  • Ryan and Esposito? Not exactly on good terms.
  • Jack Coleman makes for a terrific U.S. Senator.
  • Someone dies in the explosion teased in this Castle promo, while an important file is also lost.
  • Sorry, but there's no Lanie.
  • The final scene is absolutely awesome.

Castle Season 5 kicks off on September 24. Tune in.

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Time go faster please i will give you chocolate make it september 24 now please!


I just can't wait to see Jack Coleman!


So ready for Castle!! Best Show on TV....and only 20 more days! Love the show and cast...just love everything Castle!! It is going to be epic as ALWAYS!!


Cannot wait - three weeks!Thanks for the info!Castle Season 5- Bring it on!

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Castle Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

The fact is that I admire your loyalty and hope you can feel that way for me someday.


That's going to leave a nasty scar. Every time you see it, think of me.


Castle Season 5 Episode 1 Music

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Song All I Could Think About Was You Robert Duncan
Song I Just Want You (remixed) Robert Duncan
Song Countdown Robert Duncan