How I Met Your Mother Producers React to Premiere, Series "Finish Line"

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We finally met the mother on the How I Met Your Mother Season 8 premiere last night. Sort of.

Following Barney and Robin's wedding, Ted was simply reading a book on a bench when a woman exited a taxi with a guitar in one hand a a yellow umbrella in the other. That was the mother, wasn't it?

Yes, viewers, you can exhale: "That’s where it happens," producer Craig Thomas told reporters last week of the wildly anticipated meeting.

Ted on HIMYM

Thomas would not reveal whether the actress actually donning the quirky shoes seen on screen is the woman who has been cast in this famous role, but he did tease that "we’ll see more of that moment as the series goes on... We’re going to fill in all of the blanks on that day."

Thomas and fellow showrunner Carter Bays have been upfront that they are writing this season as if it will be the sitcom's last, even as negotiations continue with CBS for Season 9.

"We really feel like this launches the last season," Bays said of the premiere, referring to the sight of the mother as "the finish line."

But if How I Met Your Mother does come back for another go-around in 2013-2014? It won't do so without a full cast. Promises Thomas:

"It’s a family, and we’re finishing this thing together."

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If what the producers say is true, and Ted meets the mom at the very end, then the title of the series needs adjustment. I also am not a big fan of the barney robin as a couple, seems off that a womanzier and a tom boy with daddy issues mix very well, and i am definitely am not a fan of himym season 9 to infinitum. I hoped and prayed himym dosen't pull a 'lost' on its viewers but seems the cast and crew are hell bent on extended BS filled with a side of horrible and plot choices and glaring plot holes.


I think a way for the show to solve the issue of "how I fell in love with your mother" is by interjecting clips of the future throughout this season. We've already known a bit about the mom from the roommate, the yellow umbrella and that one scene where they wanted to see the Wedding Bride III but the tickets were sold out. Maybe they can have more of those little scenes to make the audience feel as if we already have an idea what kind of person the mother is. Then it wouldn't be a lackluster: "Hi, I'm Ted... And that's how I met your mother." like lexiegreyforever suggested. Because let's be honest, most fans would feel slightly cheated if we never got to know the mother as a character. Then the show might as well have been titled "the bimbos I dated before your mother".


I agree with Amie that Robin and Barney are not a good couple. Call me crazy, butt I always thought the show would end with Ted and Robin. Why? Because I saw it as the "When Harry Met Sally" tv show.


I had a thought, could Ted's Father and Marshall's mom hook up? That would explain how Marvin would be the kid's cousin. I could imagine a scene where Marshall's mom is babysitting and Ted's father stopped by for a surprise visit, not knowing that Ted had moved away. They end up talking all night and slowly fall in love. Ted's dad moves to Minnesota and Ted and Marshall become step brothers. (add the mother being barney's half sister and the group is all uncles and aunts.)


Actually, I really think, that this is how it's gonna end: Ted will be sitting there on the bench at the train station and for whatever reason he will talk to his future wife. I think it will be like "Hi, I'm Ted!" "Hi Ted, nice to meet you. I'm..." And then the narrator will say "Kids, this is how i met your mother!" And then the mother will come in, join the kids on the sofa and we'll see that Marshall and Lilly and Robin and Barney sat there all the time, too. And the camera will zoom out and we'll see all of them sitting there, talking to each other and cut.


Even though is soo badly wanna see the mother and see the happy ending i do not want this series to end just yet..
But at least they want to end it with a complete cast; a complete family


@sookie00 Ted left the umbrella at the mother's apartment after going out with her roommate, Rachel Bilson in Girls versus Suits (season 5).


cont As for the mother, well, I am glad the show cut right to the chase and gave us something more to look forward to now, it was nice to see that we are almost there!


Guys, you know this episode was so awesome that I didn't even feel how time flies, this 21 min episode, felt like 5 mins. I think HIMYM is getting bacj to being awesome again, because I loved this episode so much: - Barney's 52 sec recap of the LAST 7 YEARS was legendary!
- Barney replacing Robin in a picture with a tiger - awesome
- Ted and Klaus's talk was good
- Lily and Marshall being like zombies because of lack of sleep - funny
- Robin's addiction to Nick's abs - very funny The only thing I didn't like is the whole Robin and Barney sl - again..look, I know that I am probably in the minority here, but I never really enjoyed those two as a couple, Barney is meant to be a womanizer and if there is anyone out there for him, its Quinn not Robin. Quinn just gets Barney more, they are really alike, whereas Barney and Robin's romance is too platonic. yes, I know they are getting married, but I just had to say that. As for the mother, well, I am glad the show cut right to the chase and gave us something more to look forward to now, it was nice to see that we are almost there!


Finally !!! Just one thing though : how can she have the yellow umbrella ? Isn't it with Ted ? He got it the day after St Patrick's day if I remember correctly...

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