How I Met Your Mother Review: Gone In 60 Seconds

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While it is always sad to bid adieu to summer, the changing of the leaves here in New York City are a reminder that Fall is upon us - and topping the list of things to celebrate is a new season of How I Met Your Mother. 

With a chill in the air outside, I turned off the AC, cracked a window and settled in to watch the Season 8 premiere "Farhampton."

Tonight's episode did well to advance two major story lines, but as is often the case on this program, before we could get a glimpse of a little ways down the road, we had to first backtrack to gain some new perspective. As the premiere opened on a wedding day that looked to be going horribly wrong, namely Robin and Barney's, we quickly were treated to the story of another nuptial nightmare by Ted as he recounted the time he insisted Victoria leave a note for her fiance' before walking out on him.

Thomas Lennon on How I Met Your Mother

Guest Star Thomas Lennon was a surprising choice as Victoria's beau Klaus, but his German-infused conversation with Ted was certainly "wunderbar." After speaking to the cold-footed Klaus, Ted too will most likely realize that Victoria is that thing he almost wants... but not quite. His feelings for her were not instantaneously the kind that course though you.

That woman for Ted does exist, though, and we got a glimpse of her there on the Farhampton train platform under the fabled yellow umbrella. While her identity still remains a mystery, I liked that the season opener dangled something for the Mother Mystery fans out there. Also catching my eye was the bandaged right hand of Ted as he sat down on the train station bench. File that under things that make you go hmmm for now. 

Despite what the future holds for Barney and Quinn, it seemed apparent that she isn't going anywhere for the time being. As the truth about her fiance' and Robin was revealed, we were treated to quite possibly the greatest Barney Stinson speech of all time, the entirety of which can be found in this week's best How I Met your Mother quotes section. I had forgotten about his nickname for the blue French Horn Ted had stolen and laughed pretty hard at that reference as well as others he mentioned.

The most touching moment of the episode without a doubt was when Barney gave the key to the storage unit to Robin that housed the box full of mementos from their relationship. The Photoshopped tiger was pretty great, but I was glad to see that he too had trouble letting go of the past.

Marshall and Lily vowed to not become the kind of people who have a baby and become total zombies, but sadly their scenes had about as much energy as the new parents did on screen. I chalked it up to Jason Segel's busy offseason and am confident he and Alyson Hannigan will fall back into their usually hitch free stride soon enough.  

Little Marvin, however, was too cute for words as he smiled away in his crib during the closing montage featuring a great selection from Band of Horses which did well to add an emotional lift to the critical closing scene.

Did you fell the anticipation coursing through you like I did? Let us know your thoughts and predictions for the rest of the season as we continue down the road with this amazing cast of characters.  


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That was utter bollocks, dont know whats happened to the show but they are trying to be to funny now. Was proper bored, wont be watching that crap anymore


Hi guys, I know that it seems ridiculous that all the Germans are complaining about the way they were depicted and that others are annoyed by those comments, but for me it seems quite a bit sad, that this proves a point: They don't seem to care about what they are showing. I mean, they can't make everything up, if there are wonderful facts they could use. This is not only true for how they are doing it with Klaus, but also other nations and considering the success this show has, it could very well invest the time and money to get it right. Why not use a translation company or anything to have at least a proper sentence? Why use bad translations? BTW: It happens in all the sitcoms, in any language. It's sad that they don't try to get better quality.


...was total rubbish.


I read some of the comments on the speech that Klaus gave to Ted. As expected germans, too proud to have a not german speak their tongue, were somehow disapponted. I see Tamara doesn't recognize the word lebenslanger Schicksals-Schatz: it doesn't "happen" in german. As if climbing up and down church's windows is a trendy thing nowadays!!!
Anyway, we know that german language has some pretty long words that in other languages are translated in more than one word. And we all get the fact that Klaus what referring to what people call "soul mate". In conclusion, the idea standing behind the non correct definition "lebenslanger Schicksals-Schatz" may correspond to Schopenhauer's definition of love. Which is to recognize subconsciously a person as the perfect match to propagate the species. That's why "if you have to think about it, you have never felt it"!
However, i felt bad that in the second episode they make Klaus look like and idiot. This could mean that everything he soundly said in the first episode was total rubbish.


This was a great first episode ....


I LOVE this show!


So glad to see Michael Trucco again and Barney's speech was amazing.


it was so amazing and i love this show soo much.
that small glimpse of the yellow umbrella just gives you so much hope. along with the guitar..
I am sooo going to enjoy this season


Whoa!! For a second I thought they were gonna show the mother in the premier episode o.O (I actually leaned in subcontiously :)). Lol that was a great ending.
NPH was Awe..and some more as per usush and hasn't missed a step (Yeah I'm talking about the 52 sec recap of How I Met Robin ;))
I don't no german so I had fun watchin' Ted and Thomas Lennon converse.
A good start for HIMYM. Can't wait for next week.


Tamara: I'm from Austria too and it was supposed to be "lebenslanger Schicksals-Schatz" which doesn't make any sense but whatever. None of the things he said really did make sense. He's a lovely actor

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