How I Met Your Mother Producers React to Premiere, Series "Finish Line"

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We finally met the mother on the How I Met Your Mother Season 8 premiere last night. Sort of.

Following Barney and Robin's wedding, Ted was simply reading a book on a bench when a woman exited a taxi with a guitar in one hand a a yellow umbrella in the other. That was the mother, wasn't it?

Yes, viewers, you can exhale: "That’s where it happens," producer Craig Thomas told reporters last week of the wildly anticipated meeting.

Ted on HIMYM

Thomas would not reveal whether the actress actually donning the quirky shoes seen on screen is the woman who has been cast in this famous role, but he did tease that "we’ll see more of that moment as the series goes on... We’re going to fill in all of the blanks on that day."

Thomas and fellow showrunner Carter Bays have been upfront that they are writing this season as if it will be the sitcom's last, even as negotiations continue with CBS for Season 9.

"We really feel like this launches the last season," Bays said of the premiere, referring to the sight of the mother as "the finish line."

But if How I Met Your Mother does come back for another go-around in 2013-2014? It won't do so without a full cast. Promises Thomas:

"It’s a family, and we’re finishing this thing together."

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I love Barney and Robin together and how inspite of everything they still love each other. I want them to go through with it because they definitely are soul mates. Love that Ted finally meets the mother and love how mature the producers are knowing when and how to go through the season and to make the season final while it has fantastic ratings.
Great Job ( unlike Shonda Rimes)


@Brandon Just like smallville was not about the suit HIMYM is not about Ted and the Mother its about how they meet


The show is How I met Your mother. It should end when they meet, BUT it should also show how they interact with the rest of the group and maybe show how they get married, and the birth of their kids in a montage. They've stretched it out long enough now.


I hope they do not put Barney and Robin together. That would be crazy. It is time for something to happen. Have waited way to long for Ted's deal! Getting tired of it and have watched this show from the beginning!


They seriously need to have the mother be shown and part of the cast for a bit. I understand that this show is about the journey to meeting the mother, but do not do what Smallville did and end it with one brief glimpse and be done with it. Being a huge superman fan, Smallville is undoubtedly one of my all time favorite shows. However, I will never forgive the producers for ending the show the way they did. Clark learned to fly and donned the suit in the last few minutes of a 2 hour episode, finishing off a 10 year series. The fans were never once even given a clear shot of him in the suit (of which it is obvious he never fully wore anyway. I pray that the producers of this show do not do the same to the fans, and give us a good chunk of episodes, hopefully a full season (season 9) where you actually get to meet the mother, get to know her and see how she clicks with the rest of the cast. end the show with Ted's proposal to the mother, not with a brief conversation, glimpse of her, and then Bob Sagget saying "and that kids, is the story of how i met your mother."

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