Switched at Birth Review: The Fabric of Us

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Aside from what I felt was a totally predictable ending, I gave the season premiere of Switched at Birth Season 2 premiere five stars. 

"This Is the Color of My Dreams" caught us up with everyone and laid groundwork for what's to come this fall. We got to see a little bit of each character's story, making this a really well-rounded episode.

In the spring finale, the Carlton prom was a bit of a disaster, leaving our two leading ladies heartbroken. Different people deal with heartbreak in different ways, of course.

Switched at Birth Scene

For Daphne it was to write off romance, spend time with family and work on her passion for cooking. For Bay it was to get the Hell out of dodge, go to the Galapagos islands, do some sort of work/study and find a new boyfriend.

Well, damn, I wouldn't mind if my parents sent me to a tropical island every time a guy broke my heart! However, we all know that distance and distraction is only half the battle. Bay was inevitably thinking about Emmett and he of her. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't emotional at Emmett's big gesture with the street art. However, I'm with Bay and still would not have forgiven him. 

It was bold and appropriate for Simone to try and apologize, but she should've known it wasn't to go over well. Simone and Emmett screwed over two Kennish children, not just one. I'm glad to see Daphne is pining after Wilkie. She seems to be focused on bigger and better things. 

Could "Chef" have been any meaner? And was that Raj from 90210 waving the chicken at her? I like Daphne's approach to things. She didn't want Kathryn to say anything, she wanted to prove herself to Chef on her own. I've always felt Daphne has had a very strong character. Bay and Daphne may not be all the similar, but they have definitely bonded and both stick to their guns. I love when Bay introduced Daphne and her "sort of sister."

However, my favorite line of the night was actually Kathryn's description of Emmett in her book:

He rode up on his motorcycle looking like a deaf James Dean. | permalink

So what's going to happen with John and Kathryn's marriage this season? Katie Leclerc told me that Kathryn's success would definitely change things. And how about the newlyweds, Regina and Angelo? What is going to happen with Patrick? After the tantalizing preview, I can't wait to find out! 

How did you feel about the season premiere of Switched at Birth? Hit the comments!


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I felt bad for Daphne, too! I would have melted into a puddle and oozed out of that restaurant!


Man I felt so bad for daphne during the kitchen scenes. The chef didn't need to be so mean with her I mean how hard is it to look Sumone in the face to speak to them?? I proud of her tho for sticking thru it and finding a solution


thank you so much! I knew him from the new Knight Rider!!


Chef- is Justin Breuning (not sure about my spelling.lol) he was Jamie on All My Children:)


This is the actor who played Bay's new boyfriend Mat Vairo played Alex Rainford I am also looking for the name of the actor who
played 'Chef' he looks so familiar to me!!


Hi! Do you know who the actors were that played Chef, and Bay new boyfriend in this episode? Thanks!


I'm deaf and I've hit the same reactions when applying for a job - things go well until they find out you are deaf, even if you have good speechreading and voice skills. Also these days businesses get around the ADA by creating job requirements that allow them to eliminate anybody. I once applied for a job at a tech company, had 30 years experience in their field, got thru 8 interviews then there was one more but he was "not in the office" and they never got back to me. I spoke to the recruiting agent, and she said you could file an ADA claim, but even if successful you would never keep a job there - they would give you impossible goals. I would forgive Simone - she's only 17 or so and was drinking. People do dumb things at that age.


This episode was a great premier. I agree with bay 100% and I might be the only one but I kinda don't want them to get back together because even though they were a great couple and really loves each other what emmet did was terrible and in my mind I might be able to forgive him but I wouldn't take him back it would of been different if he just kissed someone else but he slept with someone else and I think that is unforgivable and if you do forgive them you shouldn't take them back because it will never be the same again and you'll still be hurt by it. Can't wait till the next episode.

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So we bonded over our hatred of the sun and the ocean instead.

Alex [about Bay]

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