Alex Kingston to Guest Star on NCIS

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Alex Kingston (ER, Doctor Who) has been cast on NCIS.

In a November sweeps episode, the actress will play Miranda Pennebaker, a woman of questionable morals, executive producer Gary Glasberg told TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich, who first reported the casting.

Pennebaker “deals in everything from high end weapons sales to priceless gems. Her connections go all the way up the ladder of D.C. politics, and Gibbs needs her for this very disturbing, emotional case.”

Kingston, who has also appeared on Law & Order: SVU, Private Practice and FlashForward, may even reprise the role at a later date, if Glasberg has his way. He must think pretty highly of her work this fall.

Are you excited to meet this new character?

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@Jane we have meet all of Gibbs ex wife


Bring back Rene Sofer- She and Gibbs had a great connection and she sincerely cared about him; he doesn't need another woman like Jamie Lee Curtis, playing mind games with him- he deserves better- Tired of the bickering/bantering between Ziva and Tony- thought at one point they were going to be friends, especially after the season finale- They should decide one way or another and then get on with their lives.


Hope the writers remember the disaster on CSI when they had their two get together. Never watched it after that. Like Jamie Lee but she was totally wrong. Don't make the same mistake. Let Gibbs be Gibbs and let Tony continue being a flirt.


Heck -- Maybe she'll wind up being the 3rd ex-wife that we've never seen!


This sounds like a great episode coming up! All I can say is that with Alex on the scene we will not get any.....(wait for it).....spoilers! :)


@sadtonyfan Sorry you feel that way, but it would appear that you are in the minority on this one.


I sure hope Tony doesn't wind up with Ziva. She's horrible to him. They've already dismantled Tony til all he does provide the humor of self humiliation and watch Gibbs and Ziva reign superior in every way. Tiva would be the end of Tony, and for me, the show.


Then I guess she'll be gone after this episode since the only lady Tony is going to be ending up with this season is Ziva.


I can not see her staying on the show unless she Tony new g/f they been talking about


If she is received well by viewers, that might increase the odds of her becoming a recurring character.

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