Castle Episode Preview: An Unexpected Suspect

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A vacation was ruined by a dead body on Castle this week.

Will a life be ruined by a detailed set-up in October 29?

This beloved ABC series takes next Monday off and then returns with "Probable Cause," an episode that will rest loyalties and relationships when a ritualistic killing turns up an unusually-placed corpse and the prime suspect turns out to be...

... Rick Castle?!?

Watch the title character and those around him react to the mounting evidence in this official teaser:

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I love the pink gloves Lannie wears for Breast Cancer!


Has anybody seen the latest sneak peek? OMG - he calls her KATE.. not BECKETT....KATE- more than SWEET! Mr. Marlowe, have mercy...We just have to keep the faith our writers will not let us down...'CAUSE I DON'T HAVE A CLUE !!! CASTLE right now is my QUANTUM OF SOLACE, seriously. DOUBLE RAINBOWS for a while :)
David - You are so right - BECKETT is insecure...but no more than normal. CASTLE has been honest with her from the first day & she knows it. The way he told her "Yes, there have been others...but none of them were you..."is text book perfect. I don't think she is a "rabbit boiler" - although she does have a gun :) I would dare say our beloved WRITER does not take kindly to other guys messing with either of his girls...KATE or ALEXIS...seriously. He might surprise us & turn out to be VERY POSSESSIVE - remember Josh & Demmi? If looks could kill our ME Lanie would have their corpses


I hate these eps too, dammit we all know he didn't kill anyone.
Kate is massively insecure S1 Ep1 she pulled his file so she knows her man and that" you've brought other women here" in the last ep was a dead set indicator major insecurity.
I mean deerrr yeah Katey. Frankly Rick should have pulled her personnel file to know what he was getting into as well but he's kinda dense in that way. And yes he could have gotten her full file if he really wanted to!.
pet peeve: they keep snapping the cuffs on suspects announcing that their "Under arrest for murder" and then letting them go!
Typically even if they have 3 rock solid witnesses that saw a murder being committed, name a suspect, they bring the suspect in for questioning THEN charge him. It's generally, "your wanted for questioning in relation to such and such.."


ALWAYS look on the bright side - thank you SARAH. The moment I read in your comment OVERTHINKING I slapped myself back to being myself :) CASTLE holding a gun looks so right - this is a facet we ALWAYS see when KATE has been in danger. His actions speak loud & clear: Don't mess with my woman or I will kick your butt or whatever part of your anatomy is needed to defend her. Remember what a wicked awesome marksman he has proven to be?


I think everyone is overthinking things. In the first episode he had to be a suspect to introduce the two, and the second time he wasnt so much of a suspect as they were all mad at him and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time it looks like someone has gone through a LOT to make it look like Castle has done this, and yes we Ll know that he didt but arent people curious about what gates will do? And how ryan will react knowing their secret and maybe hell try and help casgle out and outthem? Or maybe they wont be able to work together hecause kate will out them? I think everyone needs to stop overanalyzing everytjing that they think is tired or overdone and just watch the show and enjoy it. Whats the point in thinking you know/guessing the ending? You are just taking the joy out of t for yourselves. As for someone saying we should awitch writers, has th show not been amazing for over 4 years now? A few bad (in your opinion) episodes should not ruin a show for you. If it does than you probably never really liked it in the first place, so go bother some Mentalist fans or something.


Thank you Lynn. And just because Kate is insecure, who's to say that she is not going to have his back?? She loves him and she had his back in headhunters with slaughter and they were barely talking. Penny(Aka gates) apparently tweeted Stand by your man under the description of this episode. I think Kate will do this. So she might still have insecurities, which I don't think has so much to do with trust in castle as the ability to get hurt. She took her wall down and she knows there's a possibilty of getting hurt. The girl's allowed to be hesitant especially after people she really trusted hurt her. Aka Montgomery/Her dad


It is obvious that Kate loves him but some of you have short memories. Just this season in ep 2. he goes out with another woman..ok you say he did it to throw off the others about Beckett and himself. In episode 3 he says to Kate he is surprised that Alexis is taking their being together so strange because she wasn't like that with his ex and the "hundreds of hot girlfriends"he has brought around!! last season he quickly picked up with a stewardess when he was unhappy about I suggest you get a grip!! Beckett loves him but she is not stupid either..she has many reasons to worry about his commitment to her! He is no doubt crazy about her..we know that as an audience. She has to keep her whits about her..But I know they will work it out..I have great faith in the writers..they have given us about the best written show on tv in years!! I think you should sit back and enjoy the ride!


Two things: 1. Part of me believes that this whole "Castle is a suspect" is going to be a set-up to snuff out the real killer. 2. That being said, even if the Castle is a real suspect, even though that's been done before, it's a WHOLE different ball game now that he's dating Beckett secretly. I'm betting they're each others' alibi, but can't admit it. It's highly possible that Castle was buying jewellry for Kate and not another woman, but he can't defend himself and say so, because that would out their relationship. This is going to be a wonderful mess to behold.


He has been a suspect TWICE before. First episode and the start of last season. Seriously, they are running the same thing with him being a suspect a THIRD time?! I agree with everyone else. That's annoying.


there was already an episode like this.. but i forgot what season.
not a fan of these kinds of episodes because we all know he didnt do it

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