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Best. Twist. Ever.

Going into this episode, fans were skeptical of how Castle was going to end up at the center of a murder investigation. Never did it cross my mind that it would be because of 3XK. This character has been incredible since his first mention back in Castle Season 3.

Castle The Suspect

The Return of Creepy. "Probable Cause” focused on the murder of a young girl who had been strangled and tied up against the ceiling. Not only was this a creepy scene, it was very detailed. 

It started with Castle’s fingerprints on a door knob. This could have easily been a mistake. But once the jewelry video showed up, as well as the bag in Castle’s apartment, things got shady. Am I the only one that thought something could have been up with Alexis? She showed up that day to do laundry and left pretty quickly. 

Secrets Out. Because of the situation, Ryan was forced to spill the beans to Espo about the Castle/Beckett relationship. Kate headed over to Lanie’s to tell her herself. Love that the important people in their lives are now clued in on the situation. Now that this tension filled episode is gone, they can start making jokes about these two.

3XK. It is no secret that the Triple Killer episode is my absolute favorite. It kept you on your toes the entire time and made your heart jump. Somehow, two seasons later, this same character can still bring the same reaction. Jerry Tyson reappeared to ruin Castle and Beckett’s life. From the looks of the end of the episode, he will be back to do it again. I say, bring him on. My stomach completely jumped when their car was hit on that bridge. I love when Castle does serious drama. 

Caskett is Strong. These two work in pretty much every way. They are great co-workers, great friends, great in a relationship. And most of all, they are great partners. Castle and Beckett are extremely enjoyable to watch, especially in an episode like this one. Hats off to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic for continuing to kill it week in and week out.

After Thoughts:

  • The Richard Castle lookalike was pretty crazy!
  • Gates is slowly joining team Castle. Love it!
  • Who else wishes they could have seen Lanie’s reaction to Beckett telling her about her relationship?
  • When will 3XK show up again? November Sweeps? Season finale time?
  • How serious looking was Castle shooting that gun? Same goes for Beckett. They both were ready to protect the one they love.

This episode was a home run. Andrew Marlowe - you have done it again. “Probable Cause” was an exciting hour. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you love it, too Sound off in the comments and let us know your opinions on the installment. And check back for the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week as you hit up the Castle quotes page for some intense lines from the great Richard Castle.

Until next time, Castle fans. 


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@Doug - The painting is at Kate's apartment - pricey - most likely a copy? MATASABURO OF THE WIND by Alex Gross


this show is escapism at its best - just sit back and enjoy - don't overthink it - it is called FICTION - love it - now watching reruns on TNT on Wednesdays and loving them also.


CASTLE - so many layers. I would call our group of writers SMOOTHIES - the way they had the 12th find out about CASKETT was as suave as you can get. Iron Gates has always been a mother hen to her group - she keeps them in line. Coming from a family of policemen, having worked in Internal Affairs before, I doubt there is much going on she does not already know - just don't tell her LOL . CASTLE & BECKETT - they say "I LOVE YOU" all the time with actions, not words. FICTION - its OK to be surprised by the resilience of the XXX killer, but allowed :) FICTION Ali,Sr.
A little more non-verbal communication for Rick & Kate would be nice - don't you think? The eyes have it at work, plus handshakes-we love it. Neither Nathan or Stana are married in real life. Maybe they think couples are dull in real life? Not so, maravilloso, the sweet intimacy of a couple is rated G for viewers & X for those "in the know.." Capicci?


she never stopped n she never will


I thought the episode was too contrived. More like a magic show than a pro. crime and love story. Marlowe screwed up by letting the entire crew in on the relationship between Castle and Beckett with almost no time for reactions from them. Oh well, three straight episodes that were spectacular to the outhouse. Many more like this and I can save my money by not purchasing the episodes.


hmm. I really am amused at most of these comments. Some people seem to be so wrapped up in actual police details or real life situations - this show is purely fiction and pure entertainment and the romance has also been one of the major plot lines. Since this show's inception, the show mainly focuses on the characters' development. To me, the murders come second, and are most times very far-fetched - quite far from what would happen in actual reality - hence, it's a fictional tv show. That being said though, I thoroughly enjoy just about every episode immensely because of the lighthearted nature of the show - it is very refreshing to find a show like this on television these days which is not actually a sitcom. Also, the fact that all the actors are very talented and 'easy on the eyes', makes the show even more worthwhile to me. As for the I Love you from Kate, sometimes that may sound generic - you are seeing the love in all her actions and expressions - way more heartfelt and genuine than actually saying the words. Kudos to the entire production team for the show.


Well maybe I been watching too much 48 hours and other stuff but typically even if they know a murderer did it they bring him in for questioning first and then arrest them for murder when proven.
What they did to Castle was show up, serve a search warrant, went over the apartment, saw some items, and right out arrest him for murder.
Typically that should have been we require you to accompany us to the station for questioning....I get the drama of Castle your under arrest for murder though.


@MissRozie - If Castle shooting a gun well surprised you, you may have forgotten season 1 and 2 :-). Here's a reminder of Mr. Castle's skills with a gun.


I wasn't the biggest fan of the story itself. There wasn't much that surprised me - the only thing that surprised me was Castle escaping custody. I audibly groaned at the ending - way too many shots fired. And will someone for the love of all that is holy aim for the serial killer's HEAD? Castle's a marksman, for crying out loud. Okay - that being said, given what the story was, I LOVED the acting and the character work. I loved that Gates stood up for Castle, I love that Beckett didn't doubt him and was ready to break him out of jail (she did say that in season 3), I love that Ryan and Espo would still help him even as a fugitive. I love that Martha and Alexis weren't mad at Beckett. I loved Beckett's tears when talking about how scared Castle was (was anyone else clearly picturing that little boy face on Castle?). In summation - C for story, A for acting, A for character development.


Are real police departments like that? I mean the guy writes murder novels for a living and he is supposed to be "planning" the perfect murder but he just happens to leave the most ridiculously obvious trail of evidence behind him?

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