Castle Sneak Peek: Under Arrest!

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Castle took a week off this past Monday, but it returns in stunning fashion in just a few days.

On "Probable Cause," Beckett and the squad will look into a ritualistic murder, only to be taken aback by the evidence... which leads back to Castle. How far back? Watch the following sneak peek to find out:

As usual, TV Fanatic will cover the episode in depth, posting a review not long after it concludes and then gathering around our weekly Castle Round Table. We hope you join us!

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I WILL NOT OVERANALYZE...I WILL NOT OVERANALYZE...great advice I got from another Castle fan. I freely choose to bask in the glow of the Hampton's episode while humming Eddi Vedder's song..."I'm falling harder than I've ever done before...". I will continue to do this until Monday...& after watching the episode decide. CASTLE is my QUANTUM OF SOLACE - my altered state of mind without drugs - think DOUBLE RAINBOWS, UNICORNS - otherwise I will loose my until Monday I will be patient, trust our writers, seriously....ALWAYS !!!! :)


yeah... of course he's innocent
not super excited for it (i mean we waited an extra week) but of course imma watch it


of course hes innocent i think this is the episode that espo finds out about them because he was told to check castle:s emails and phone calls and you cant tell me he didnt phone beckett or send her a email.


I love Castle and never miss an episode. I have seen the promo and 2 sneak peeks...and so far I'm hating this episode. I'll watch it of course. But the 1 thing that pisses me off more than anything....for Beckett to even think Castle would cheat! He has always said....He's NOT a cheater!


Hmmm. Let me think. Character in a will they or won't they procedural, who is also a best selling author, is suspected of murder. Why does this sound familiar?

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