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Best. Twist. Ever.

Going into this episode, fans were skeptical of how Castle was going to end up at the center of a murder investigation. Never did it cross my mind that it would be because of 3XK. This character has been incredible since his first mention back in Castle Season 3.

Castle The Suspect

The Return of Creepy. "Probable Cause” focused on the murder of a young girl who had been strangled and tied up against the ceiling. Not only was this a creepy scene, it was very detailed. 

It started with Castle’s fingerprints on a door knob. This could have easily been a mistake. But once the jewelry video showed up, as well as the bag in Castle’s apartment, things got shady. Am I the only one that thought something could have been up with Alexis? She showed up that day to do laundry and left pretty quickly. 

Secrets Out. Because of the situation, Ryan was forced to spill the beans to Espo about the Castle/Beckett relationship. Kate headed over to Lanie’s to tell her herself. Love that the important people in their lives are now clued in on the situation. Now that this tension filled episode is gone, they can start making jokes about these two.

3XK. It is no secret that the Triple Killer episode is my absolute favorite. It kept you on your toes the entire time and made your heart jump. Somehow, two seasons later, this same character can still bring the same reaction. Jerry Tyson reappeared to ruin Castle and Beckett’s life. From the looks of the end of the episode, he will be back to do it again. I say, bring him on. My stomach completely jumped when their car was hit on that bridge. I love when Castle does serious drama. 

Caskett is Strong. These two work in pretty much every way. They are great co-workers, great friends, great in a relationship. And most of all, they are great partners. Castle and Beckett are extremely enjoyable to watch, especially in an episode like this one. Hats off to Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic for continuing to kill it week in and week out.

After Thoughts:

  • The Richard Castle lookalike was pretty crazy!
  • Gates is slowly joining team Castle. Love it!
  • Who else wishes they could have seen Lanie’s reaction to Beckett telling her about her relationship?
  • When will 3XK show up again? November Sweeps? Season finale time?
  • How serious looking was Castle shooting that gun? Same goes for Beckett. They both were ready to protect the one they love.

This episode was a home run. Andrew Marlowe - you have done it again. “Probable Cause” was an exciting hour. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you love it, too Sound off in the comments and let us know your opinions on the installment. And check back for the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week as you hit up the Castle quotes page for some intense lines from the great Richard Castle.

Until next time, Castle fans. 


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Loved the episode! However... 3XK planning all of it seems absurd well actually the ending only. How can you plan a getaway like that?? What if beckett shot him through the head, or castle? How would he know to survive such a fall, its a HUGE risks he is taking. And that is not planning but more like gambling tbh


Really great episode that had me at the end of my seat! The writers on Castle are really doing it right.


Actually I have to admit that gates actually surprised me.
Her character seems to be developing towards almost human now
Shame about that dratted "Sir" thing :)


I had a feeling that he would reappear for a revenge tactic on Castle at some point. Sadly I didn't expect it this week. I loved everything about this episode, especially 3XK's badge "J. Rook". The second I saw that...chills. This was a good tour de force episode. They're finding their rhythm again. Keep it fairly light for 5 or six episodes and then hit us with something like this. From a sheer suspense and mind bending angle, this is my second favorite episode behind "Sucker Punch" way back in season 2.


@ elizmom, Castle didn't arrange for the guards directly,I think his lawyer did it.
Loved this episode. Even though I knew it was a trap when they were on the bridge alone I jumped when the killer hit their car. I was glad Gates didn't need convincing that Castle couldn't do something like this.
I didn't suspect anything was up with Alexis it's normal for college students to just come home for a minute and I think the writers put that scene in to remind us that the apartment is usually empty now so that it would seem credible that the killer could have access to it to leave a bag full of compromising evidence and no one would notice it before the police found it.
That Castle look-alike was a great idea. I was thinking there was the usual technical hokus-pokus going on but having it be an actual human being was refreshing.


Well I live on the east coast in NJ so I did not see the aired episode. But watching online it was the most intense one of all so far. But when Kate said "I never stopped believing" that's like saying I love you without the words. And the meeting in the library. And to think of all the resources people can use to get away with something is quite frighting.But the love the characters have is been quoted here on this page as not as normal. But in reality who's love is normal. We all have our baggage so to speak. The 3x character is pretty creepy. So change your passwords and looks once in awhile tv fanatics!Life will never be normal when we have so many that are bored and what to upset the mainstream. But that makes a great story. Best wishes and prayers go out to the folks on the Jersey shore and in the Tri-State area for hurricane Sandy.


Beckett won't say I love you for some time yet ! It is very hard for some people to say that and too easy for others!! Kate is not the type to go lay all her feeling out for all to see. I was glad to see her scenes with Laini..her best friend. With her we see how she really feels about Castle.When Marlow thinks the time is right it will happen...and probably be terrific!!


Yeah he ripped off so many rounds he exceeded the guns capacity lol
18 in all ..
No biggie open and to correction ..
Don't these guys ever know how to double tap to the head though???


It started out well but went downhill mid-episode and the end ruined it basically.


This episode took my breath away and I am extremely glad that it was shown despite the hurricane troubles. I had no idea that it was 3XK and even I started having trouble believing that anyone could frame Castle this much. However, it makes sense that 3XK would revenge himself and you can tell he's coming back. This episode was worthy of being a mid-season finale or something of that sort. I don't know who Castle writers are but I keep giving them props with each episode. If Kate had said 'I love you', I think I would have been a tad disappointed. Their relationship is not normal and it has never been normal. I think I like the fact that the writers, again, are not making 'Caskett' too important. We had the joy of seeing how Martha, Ryan and Esposito found out about the relationship. I think that's enough for me. I don't know what the writers are going to do in the future but I know I love the journey so far.

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