The Good Wife Review: Cockroaches

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Quite a few TV Fanatic commenters must have been thrilled with tonight's The Good Wife, "Don't Haze Me, Bro."

Nick was nowhere to be seen and Cary was at least featured. It wasn't much, but there's bound to be more Cary in our future now that he is working in the same office as Alicia, right?

Alicia in Red

Despite those two positives, the episode was brought down by a lackluster case. The issue of the hazed college student didn't hold my attention. The opposing counsel's moving targets didn't really work for me, either. especially with the focus on the effeminate judge. I came away just hoping Alicia would win because I hated the university's counsel so much. The testimony of the students and coach wasn't putting me on the edge of my seat wondering what they would say, as often happens on this show.

If a case as good as last Sunday's search engine one had been paired with the supplemental stories, it would have worked much better. The Peter cheating story just won't go away, will it? I'm not surprised, it's politics. As much as Kalinda and Eli convinced the publication that the accusations were false and I believed them, I'm not convinced that Peter didn't cheat. The girl was not credible at all, but there's something about Eli and Peter's statements that just rub me the wrong way.

Perhaps, it really is a cover-up of a non-story. Though, that is making Peter look guilty ... of something.

The reporter may have lost her story, but she decided not to go down without a fight. In the day of the Internet, anything goes. The blog may not have the credibility of the reporter's publication, but it will open up a new line of questioning by the press and the public. Do you think Peter cheated? Or is it all a big lie to bring him down? The results of the straw poll will be telling about where Peter's campaign is going, though the controversy will certainly bring his numbers down. 

In addition to trouble with the campaign, Peter will have to deal with his mother's illness. What was wrong with her? Her cockroach hallucinations are not the sign of a healthy recovery. I hope that Peter, Eli or someone realizes that something is wrong before she commits a faux pas that will seriously hurt his campaign. Not only because it would hurt Peter, but that's something that Jackie would forever blame herself for if it happens.

The campaign situation may be worsening, but the firm is starting to recover. If it continues to win these large settlements, it will be out of bankruptcy in no time. It was refreshing to see Diane and Will hold their ground with the Trustee. Even more telling was their determination to not only recover but to take down Louis Canning and to expand into New York City and Washington, D.C. If anyone can do it, I believe Diane and Will can. They have the drive and determination to follow through, though it won't be an easy ride.

Do you think there is any truth to the reporter's story about Peter cheating with a campaign worker?


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@m you are right, i think (one of the few). I just figured out why I don' like Peter. He seems power hungry of the worst kind: those who don't recognize their hunger and really believe the world would be a better place with them.
I can forget about hookers and cheating. I can NOT go past his use of personal power and office for private/family use.
Could you be so bold if you weren't in a privileged position and what are you using your privileged position for?
The sake of others or only for yourself and your family?
That's what bothers me, not in a man in general, just in someone I would have to elect to represent me.
By the way, he still has a job, who is doing it while he's on the bus?


About the trustee an offices and Cary, it felt unrealistic and stupid.
In this same show even as first years they shared an assistant, not an office. If you need a wall to reduce space, then use it.
What I saw was an extravaganza to exaggerate. Even if you share, it can be done better than that. We'll see. This week was so-so (IMO) case was boring and political case more or less the same.
We dealt with Peter supposed one night stand for three episodes now, bring it on or let it go. I hade a feeling the hurt reporter would go after "cool Alicia" after she was shoved to the side, not resort to the same old-same old variable blogger out there.
Please. Give us some meat!^__° see you next week


Thank you for the review, I was thinking "perfect" until I reached the part about Jackie. Come on, it's irony at its best.
Jackie is the one we love to hate and there's nothing wrong with her, she just visualize cockroaches and had a terrible week. I loved it, seems to me like the perfect punishment for a WASP mother, that realizes (finally) it takes a lot to contribute to a campaign and you need a lot more than self status assurace. I loved that she got her hands dirty, in a campaign you can't always speak to what you consider peers, everybody knows it and now so does Jackie. Want to help your son? Deal with it . Cockroaches it is.


I guess I'm one of the few, but I actually like Peter. Plus Alicia isn't the 'good' wife either.. but I like her better when she's with Peter, he makes her more 'likeable' to me. Other than Will, who always comes off really arrogant to me.


The Kings pandered to the fans by breaking up Will/Alicia. Ignoring the bigger problem that they never made Peter likable ,aside that he is The Husband. Atleast for me that wasn't enough, as I adored Alicia's strength in starting over. This show had an amazing S2 and a horrific S3. So far this season has nothing going for it. Gamechanger They should have made Alicia run for office and have Peter and Eli work behind the scenes to make it happen. Making Peter likeable and the show more engaging. The Firm being out of sorts is pointless and unnerving SL. Ditto for Kalinda.

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