The Mentalist Episode Promo: Hitting Home, Waging War

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It's about to get very personal on The Mentalist.

On next Sunday's "Blood Feud," William Forsythe guest stars as Wayne's father, Steve Rigsby. Look for the character to be founded wounded at a crime scene and for the team to wonder whether the incident is related to a long-standing small town gang war.

Watch the official CBS promo for the installment now and then check out our review of the latest Mentalist episode...

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It was so sad to see Rigsby lose his dad, after all the hardness between them it showed that in the end it was his dad after all. It was touching to see him cradling his baby and crying over his loss. I do have a few questions, when did the crazy eyed LaRoche come back?(YUCK) I still wonder what was in his safe. I heard Rigsby tell his father that he pretended to be dead and she left him(?) I was wondering how come she wasn't on anymore. So Did she leave him permanently? or are they just separated, not that I miss her but she left him the baby? Any body know?

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