True Blood: Casting for Politican, Love Interest for Sookie

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With Rutger Hauer already on board, fans can look forward to three more new character moving to Bon Temps for True Blood Season 6.

Sookie and Jason Stackhouse

HBO has sent out casting notices for the following roles:

  • BEN will be a series regular and a possible new love interest for Sookie. He's described as a "low-key Southern guy" with a "super dark" that may cause major problems for the show's heroine.
  • THE GOVERNOR OF TEXAS will be a war-monger in the mold of Rick Perry.
  • His DAUGHTER will also recur and will prove herself to be tougher than initially believed.

True Blood returns next summer. Let the casting suggestions fly, TV Fanatics!

UPDATE: Rob Kazinsky has signed on as Ben.

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I'm reading into this Ben character more. He is a low-key southern guy that has a magnetic charm to women and menfolk alike, all while masking his dark side. He will cross paths with Sookie, but I have not read anywhere else that he will be a love interest to Sookie. He sounds like an evil fairy to me, and more like book version of Claude. Maybe someone who has an alliance with Warlow?




Okay i'm fed up Sookie belongs with eric not some random ass guy named Ben that they are bringing in next season. Fuck Alcide, Bill, Sam and Quinn she belongs with ERIC!!! End of story, you can't keep throwing the two of them in our faces then not have them together damn. So if Sookie has any love interest this year it needs to be Eric seeing how Bill has gone crazy. The show and the books are pissing me off to the point where I may stop watching. Yes Sookie doesn't get with Eric till in the later books and they have to go somewhat by the books but as I recall there wasn't some guy named ben she was with ugh! They are also making sookie out to be a dumb slut first she'd with bill, then Eric she screws around with alcide now they are bringing someone else in why not choose one of the vampires shes in love with and keep her with him. Sorry for my rant but gosh, they can't even keep sookie single for one season without bringing someone else in.


I don't know why she needs a love interest if Eric is still around. Seriously just let them be together.


Being Dutch, I was really excited to hear about Rutger Hauer being cast. Until I read that he denied it completely! I sure hope he'll be in season 6.


@nellyluv12 Completely agree with you! Still, impatiently waiting on return of this show!


Chris Salvatore will be perfect for Ben


This show is awsome! It needs to be on primetime for a full season instead of ten episodes a season.


This show is on character overkill as it is.........TOO MANY CHARACTERS for an hour show(sometimes less) and only 10 episodes next season!!!!!!!! I'm beginning to get disappointed in True Blood..........


Omg Sookie just needs to be with Eric already it's the only way to go now that we have bilith, just let us fans indulge in this please

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