Arrow Review: The Guardian Angel

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Oliver spends a lot of time taking down the bad guys on The List while trying to protect the ones he loves.

On "An Innocent Man," though, he took his job as the Starling City vigilante one step further when he went out of his way to exonerate, Peter Declan, an innocent man on death row.

Of course there was the convenience that Declan was framed by one of the guys on Oliver's list, but he still got the job done; largely thanks to Laurel.

Confronting Arrow

This wasn't the first time that Oliver has teamed up with Laurel on the case, but usually it's indirectly, with both of them set on taking down the same person. Here, Oliver went directly to Laurel for help. He realized Declan must've been set up by Jason Brodeur and he needed a lawyer to help him get the case stalled. So why does Oliver choose Laurel when he knows it will possibly put her in danger? 

He told her that he wears the hood to protect the ones he loves. He knew that involving Laurel posed a risk and there would certainly be other attorneys who have heard of Arrow and would be willing to take a chance. Maybe it's because on some level he knows that Laurel believes in him. Personally, I see a very strong connection between Oliver and Laurel. So much so that at some point I'd like to know what the Hell was going through Oliver's head when he was screwing her sister.

Chalk it up to immaturity or whatever you want, but I still want to know how that all came to fruition.

It was Lance vs. Lance on tonight's episode. On one hand we had Laurel referring to Arrow as the "Guardian Angel" and on the other, her father referred to him as a criminal. This was even after last Wednesday when Detective Lance trusted Arrow's tip about Deadshot. Does it seem to anyone else like a lot of people on this show suspect Oliver and Arrow to be the same? Did you see how Laurel looked at him when he flipped out during the inmate riot? 

That attack on the guard who hurt Laurel wasn't just standard protection, that was personal. She said she saw the killer instinct in his eyes, but didn't she also recognize the same eyes of her boyfriend of however many years? It looks like we will definitely get some answers with that next week, or at the very least we will get a kiss!

One person who obviously knows Arrow's identity is his new partner in crime, Diggle. My favorite scene this week was when Oliver and Diggle spoke at the diner. There was a lot of raw honesty right there as well as some great lines.

You were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth, Queen. What'd you spend five years on an island without room service and suddenly you found religion? | permalink

All the readers who noticed Diggle's brother's name on Deadshot's chest last week were totally right. That was definitely the point that got Diggle onto Arrow's team. 

So how will Oliver get out of jail next week? Will Walter confront Moira about what he found? After all, she has a terrible poker face. What's she doing with the yacht in the warehouse?


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Eu não sei não, mas tenho a sensação que tem personagem sobrando nesta série, algo não encaixou, ou sobrando ou sem ainda ter a importância devida, vamos aguardar, começou legal, agora tem algo faltando ou sobrando, sei lá.


Liking the show. Still can't get over the fact that Oliver slept with Laurels sister and died while with him. I want them to resolve what's between them but I don't want them to be a couple. Maybe Oliver & the IT girl? They keep showing her so maybe they will go their. Like Digg.


Paul Blackthorne is definitely underused as Det. Lance. (I miss The Dresden Files :( ) The name Diggle is ... no. Dinah, going to have a tough time aligning her own principles with Oliver's. It's going to take a tragedy (daddy dying?) for her to go over to Oliver's 'dark side'


There is something about this show that I just don't like, maybe it's that they made Oliver so stiff, like when he is not in costume & is having a conversation with someone he just stands there like a mannequin, no type of body language, & when he is Arrow it's the same, he just stands there & fires arrows all slowly, idk maybe it's just me.


★★☆☆☆TV @Neejan Agree. Exception is I'm not impressed as I had high hopes for this show. As it's on my top 3 new shows.


What a weak episode. It had a lot of goofs: Oliver getting away in the prison, Walter using the most obvious password there is in the middle of nowhere. Also, I need to mention Laurel's relationship towards Oliver. For me it's all going too fast, and indeed mistakes are made by the producers.
I mean, isn't it obvious Diggle gets to play Green Arrow next episode? And probably, looking at the shows's fast pace, Laurel is gonna get the truth about Oliver.
The only interesting parts have to do with the mother and the purported shipwreck. So, I really hope the producers take scenes at steadier pace (what were those GA and Laurel scenes on the roof of a random building about? Vague and weak).
But overall, I have to admit: I'm impressed. And I love the Queen mansion (reminds me of Smallville).

Leigh r

Sorry I meant Deadshot at the end, not Deathstroke! Edited accordingly.


Another really great episode. I love the way this is all coming into focus. I missed Tommy, love him. I hope they keep the "bodyguard" thing going because it adds a little humor where needed. Wish we would have gotten more John Barrowman last night, but he's a sexy beast so I guess you have to ration exposure or risk TV sets exploding from his good looks.

Sarah silva

I guess the talk from her mom was all she needed and I like the sweet Thea!

Sarah silva

I say it every week! I love this show.
This was another stellar episode.
I think Laurel suspects Arrow is Oliver, but you can't have everyone know hi secret this early on. I too see a strong connection between Oliver and Laurel and I do chalk up his cheating on her to being a spoiled, immature rich kid. Now knowing his dad is not the man he thought he was as he said to Diggle, and having spend 5 years on the island, Oliver has really matured and I think if he had another chance with Laurel he would not mess it up again. I thought Walter was a bad guy but it looks like he is good and I think when the truth comes out that Moira was behind the boat sinking etc he will leave her. I think Moria got the boat so that no one can look into the crash/sinking of the boat and realize it was foul play. I knew Diggle would come around. I am interested in how Oliver will get out of jail next week. It seemed a little fast Thea going from beyotch to sweet so fast. I guess the talk from her mom was all she needed and I like the sweet Thea!

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I made peace with your selfishness a long time ago.


Diggle: You really did lose your mind on that island.
Oliver: Found a couple of things along the way.
Diggle: Like what archery lessons?
Oliver: Clarity.