Coming Soon to NCIS: Tony Sr., McGee's Dad, Eli David & More

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In addition to the return of Tobias and Diane on December 11, NCIS is bringing back another recurring favorite one week later, while making plans to introduce some intriguing new characters in the new year.

These items have already been reported elsewhere, but we've compiled them here:

On the December 18 Christmas episode, none other than Robert Wagner returns as Tony’s dad, Anthony Sr. As a bonus, for the first time ever, “We see Tony’s apartment,” Cote de Pablo (Ziva) tells TV Guide.

What surprises await there? “The bed he sleeps in,” she laughs. “That’s all I’m going to say!”

Tony, Ziva and Tim Photo

Elsewhere on the fatherly front, come 2013, “Plan on meeting McGee’s dad, the Admiral, in a compelling, emotional story during February sweeps,” executive producer Gary Glasberg tells TV Line.

In that episode, “Abby will be a comforting shoulder for McGee to lean on during tough times.”

Meanwhile, Ziva's father Eli David is also making an appearance in January, and it promises to be complex as always. Along with Michael Nouri's character, NCIS is casting these guest-starring roles:

  • A Mossad associate director.
  • An American businessman whose oil fortune burdens him with ties to the Middle East.
  • Gavriela, a sexy and smart Israeli informant for the CIA, played by Georgia Hatzis. This character “may actually come back, depending on the storyline and how it unfolds,” de Pablo says.

Fathers and father figures look to be a theme of NCIS Season 10. Which of these storylines are you most excited for? What do you think brings Abby and Tim closer together? Discuss in the comments below!

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I really hope that the one Tony episode we're getting this year doesn't as usual cast him as the story's joke. So sick of them portraying Tony as an idiot. It used to be so much fun to watch clever, funny, smartelic Tony. Now mostly we get him being disrespected by the whole team, one upped by Ziva, while trotting along at her superior heels like a whipped puppy. Yuck! Not excited at all for another poor poor victim super Ziva arc. Geeze - can't they ever give us any real surprises with these characters?


I subscribe to TV Guide and read their web site and I do not ever recall Cote de Pablo saying that she was leaving NCIS. I believe that quite the oppostie is true. She has been reported as saying that she would like to stay with the show until the very end. And if anyone saw the edition of TV Guide in which the whole cast was interviewed, Cote made mention of how she couldn't imagine the creators getting rid of any of the 8 core characters as they all play an important part of the show. She actually said, "The network knows how special this group is. If you took a piece out of it, the show could maybe possibly limp. We'd go around walking in a strange way. I don't know if they want to really mess with that." Long live Ziva and I hope Cote de Pablo is on until the very last episode of NCIS. We can only wish for such luck!


McGee's father was on an earlier episode. He was a total asshole and demanded that McGee release a prisoner right then and there. McGee refused and he went up the food chain and got the prisoner released to murder again. I felt really sorry for McGee and knew then why he never really mentioned his father. The type of man who no matter how hard you tried you could never ever be good enough for him unless you were a big shot in the US Navy.


@Wanda That maybe be what You THINK but that is not what it is really IS


Yes we get a Tony Christmas episode and we get to see his apartment and his big red car. We finally met McGee Dad. Am not fan of Eli but it should be a good Ziva episode.


(Cont'd) it has nothing do with any one else on the show. It's who HE is. That won't change, because it's part of a very successful formula on an established show. He's the Instigator & Chief Troublemaker/Sometimes Jackhole on the show, and always has been. He's good at it. I think we should leave Tony alone and just LET him be the character that he already IS. Each of the character's personalities WORK for them on the show, and CBS is NOT going to change that.


@Charli - Hi Charli (Hi Janet!!!) Don't even entertain the negativity by the handful minority who will do ANYTHING to stir the rumour mill on Ms. DePablo, whom they're infinitely jealous of. She's not going ANYWHERE. She loves her job, and the Network & Mr. Harmon love her even MORE. Ziva is such an important, critical character on the show - one of the "Big 3" - and no, not just because of her decided future romance with DiNozzo. She's huge in her own right. After this past Tuesday, I think Ms. DePablo will be VERY pleased with the new contract she WILL be getting. She has become a Global star in her own right BEYOND the show, and this week's episode was one of THE best ever, for NCIS. It's the only episode that fared as well as the Premiere. Ziva, Abby, and Tiva carried the episode this week - LARGE time!! CBS is very, very pleased. I also gree that Tony acts Idiotic & Nasty to his team mates at times, but then again...he's been doing THAT since the show started - it has nothing do with any one else on the show. It's who he IS. That won't change.


I hadn't heard the rumors about de Pablo leaving...I'll have to add that to my Christmas list..if TPTB don't do it, maybe Santa will get her the H*** of the show!! Great, Senior is back...means more 'Tony acting like an idiot' time,but then again, that's mostly what he's been doing for (how long has Ziva been on the team again, 7 years?) ..yeah about that long.... Great to finally meet McGee's dad.... surprised it took so long considering he's only one with Navy ties and this is NCIS after all. ..I wouldn't mind see Tim and Abby get together, as long as most of it is done "Off Camera" ... Eli David coming back --maybe he will die in the end and Ziva will finally realize she should have gone back to Israel after all...and leave..


can't w8 2 c their dadz!!mcgee's dad wana c how he looks lyk!!tonys dad is bak love it how he communicates withh evry1 n iluv how tony is around him!!!ZIVAS DAD WOO!!can't w8 2 c 13 year old ziva I LITERALLY CAN'T W8 4 DE ZIVA EP N SEEIN HER DAD!!LUV ZIVA EPisodeZ!!


Finally we get a chance to see Tony shine. It is fitting that his episode will be on December 18th for the Christmas episode. Nice to see Robert Wagner again. Hope father and son will share some happy moments. Really would like to see Tony's apartment. It tells so much about a person. Maybe his bed is a red FARRARI just like MAGNUM, his favorite actor.
It will be interesting to meet McGee's dad. He was mentioned in the episode with McGee's grandmother, Lily Tomlin. Great to see her on NCIS.
Hopefully the episodes with Eli David end in peace.

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