CSI Review: In Warrick We Trust

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If you just started watching CSI in the last four years, you may not be familiar with Warrick Brown. He is the only original character who was actually killed.

Hence the emotion and surprise on "Fallen Angels" as we caught up with Warrick’s widow Tina and his son Eli.  

Arriving At a Grave Site

Right off the bat, it was clear that Tina was not doing well. She may have survived Warrick’s death, but she wasn’t living. Surprisingly, Eli seemed to be doing okay, even given the environment in which he was living. I love that they found a kid with the same kind of hair as Gary Dourdan, it really made him feel like Warrick’s son.

Then again, I guess Eli would be doing alright with someone like James Newman watching over him. It was pretty clear that James was a bit out of his element when it came to trying to play guardian angel, but his heart was in the right place. 

The surprising character for me was Aaron Voss. The first time we meet him he is cool, collected and very well spoken. It was a refreshing change from the stereo-typical “drug lord” who speaks in slang, disrespects authority and struts around. 

I actually liked Voss to some degree at the end. Voss had been protecting his son from a distance and allowed James to think Warrick was somehow still watching over him. Voss did some bad things for good reasons. Tina isn’t losing her home, she’s off drugs and James seems to be making something of himself. 

Granted, we didn’t see the drug lord side of Voss, so I can’t comment on him as a whole. I wished we had learned more about what Voss was actually doing beyond Brass and Nick giving vague references to getting away with stuff, but that’s pretty minor.

My only real disappointment was that didn’t use any stock footage of Warrick. Having Sarah talk about the stereo he bought was not as helpful as a flashback to Dourdan would have been.

Overall, it was one of the better episodes this season. I’m giving it 4.5 guardian angels for letting us believe for a short while that Warrick still might be protecting people from the spirit world. 


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I now find that Finn is an "inhumane monster" and a bitch!!! for what she did to that poor kid Elie.
Causing a kid to be taken away from his mother and/or father just because of the bad environment. Maybe it's good to keep him out of the bad environment but have his mother Tina come with him. You never ever disrespect a kid that way. I hope Finn eventually dies.
CPS isn't too much different from the KKK.


It alway nice when show do these for their fans was it the best no but at least it took CSI away from being the Sara and Grisom show for a while


I liked the drug lord. I think it was a nice twist to tie it in to Warrick, and the criminal using Warrick's reputation actually for anything on what, for the dark side, would qualify in his mind as good. I always wondered what Vito Corleone's wife thought/knew about how her husband earned his living -- and like shows that hint at that family or personal side of don/capo-like criminals (especially in Las Vegas)!


This is the best episode of the year--maybe for two years! It took 4 and a half years to get a significant mention of Warrick and those he left behind. The 'backstory' told by Sara, Nick, and Tina was pretty much true to character---they miss Warrick (so do I!!). The big negative is no mention of Grissom who loved Warrick, and who Warrick would have picked as his father if he could have.
I could nit-pick a few other things, but overall, Jorja Fox and George Eads rose to the top in this episode! Wonderfully well acted--and now I'm sure CSI will go back to the DB and Finn show for the rest of the year.


I stopped watching this show once Grisson left and Lawrence Fishbourne took over. When Ted Danson took over I decided to give the show another chance and am so glad I did. The show has the feel of the pre-Fishbourne days.


I remained loyal to this show despite the awful miscasting of Laurence Fishburne. The murder of Warrick was awful and I did not appreciate the constant and painful references to him. I miss Warrick, Grissom and Katherine. It was a great show.


I also miss Warrick, his "son" is cute. It was nice to see Nick and Sara remembering him, the big smile on Nicks face seemed genuine. Speaking of Nick, I'm glad he got to keep the German Shepherd last week that responded to French commands and love! And I must say that Ted Danson's hair is a thing of beauty, it is the best piece on TV!! and he wears it well! Still get a kick out of this show after all these years.


Awww, I miss Warrick (not as much as Grisom)!!
1) a little part of me was hoping Warrick was still alive! Oh come on, they do it on every other show!
2) I totally forgot about Elie
3) and I have NO recollection of Tina!??!

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CSI Season 13 Episode 7 Quotes

Henry: The hair that was buried with the bully. I ran the DNA profile against James Newman. It's not his hair, but it is an alleles.
DB: Hair shares alleles with James so the killer...
Henry: Has to be a male relative of his. Father, brother, son.
DB: James is an only child. No kids of his own.
Henry: Dad in the picture?
DB: Certainly is now.

Eli is always going to need you. He will be back, Tina. But you need to find your way back first.