Elementary Review: The Truth is in the VCR

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In "The Long Fuse," we were taken on another whirlwind investigation that featured the usual twists and turns. Like all Elementary episodes, we were also treated to a dose of the funny and the serious; it was a very enjoyable hour.

Even though I say this in almost every review, there's a reason for it: my hat is off to Jonny Lee Miller. He is so brilliant as Sherlock. In this particular outing, in the scene where he was watching multiple televisions and memorizing their content, Miller couldn't have been more engaging. He had the body language, movement and dialogue cued perfectly. I'm so impressed with him. 

The Uncommitted Crime

Tonight's episode was a little bit more anticipated than most of the previous ones because of guest star Lisa Edelstein. She played Heather Vanowen, the CEO of a major PR firm. I was very disappointed that she was the killer! I was hoping for more of the sex talk that her and Sherlock had earlier on the episode. Check out the Elementary quotes page to see what I'm talking about! I'd like to note that there is nothing wrong with having a little side business to pay for school, you do what you gotta do. Respect.

As for those twists and turns... we went from a bomb explosion; to the bomb being planted four years previous; to a man's body being hidden in the wall of his home, unbeknownst to his wife; to a prostitution cover up. Seriously, where do the writers get these ideas? This show is unique in the best possible way. 

Elsewhere, we had the secondary storyline of Joan wanting Sherlock to find a sponsor for when she left. When he was interrogating Edgar at coffee, I felt like Sherlock was the child interrogating his mom's new boyfriend; so much judgement and hatred already bestowed upon this stranger. That poor guy never stood a chance. 

Then there was Alfredo, who Sherlock picked out of a meeting he, once again, was not paying attention to. Let me rephrase that: he found him in a meeting that he could have cared less about; he's too perceptive to "not pay attention." I like Alfredo and I hope we see him next week. If not, I won't be heartbroken but I do like how he wasn't what I expected. I thought he'd be not as intelligent or easy going as he was. He'd be good for Holmes. 

But you know who would be better? WATSON! 

In theory, Watson is suppose to meant by his side and I know that she will - BUT I feel sad that their time is almost up. I completely agree with Joan when she made the comment that he's being difficult because maybe he doesn't want her to leave. That said, the anticipation to see what storylines they add or forces they use to keep Watson and Sherlock together is killing me! Whether that be Sherlock asking her to stay, his father requesting her stay or even something I don't expect, I look forward to seeing how that plays out. 

Joan wants what is best for him an maybe she'll be his sponsor. Did you see the way she was watching him help Alfredo break into the car? It was like she was a teacher watching her pupil find greatness. Then her add about, "I don't have a next client" had me thinking she doesn't want to leave either. 

On a lighter side, we had a bunch of comedy in the episode. The first big bit was the first meeting with Edgar, the sponsor. Then there was the initial introduction of Alfredo and his coffee meeting with Joan, which was awkward. They somehow managed to add in Obama but not as President Obama but as Senator Obama... what? Loved it! My personal favorite was the add of the Cheech and Chong video tape. How random is that? I was laughing so hard and their dialogue that followed, perfection. 

I did dislike how Joan and Sherlock didn't get to finish their conversation about Irene (from the episode previous).

Other than that I thought the episode great, as usual.


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Loved this episode:they packed a lot in the hour. Miller and Liu were great and I hope Alfredo becomes a regular.
While I enjoyed seeing Lisa Edelstein I was even more glad that this is going to be her only appearance. She's an OK actress but not romantic lead material as far as I've seen; her fans misguidedly pushing a relationship between her character and Hugh Laurie's on House led to nothing but trouble over there and I don't want this show plagued with her as Irene until that drags it under as well.
I hope they don't make Liu's Watson into Sherlock's girlfriend either now that she may not be his companion. Men and women can be lifelong friends or associates without ever sleeping with each other, I wish writers remembered that for once.


Writers research scientific content, medical content and forensics to be sure they have it right - but a 12 Step group they seem to have forgotten their fact checking. Watson should not be in the closed meetings and you don't have a non-member shopping for a sponsor for a member. The member usually asks someone to be a sponsor to help them work the steps. You are not "hired" nor are you interviewed. Your interview is how you conduct yourself in the group and what you say and do to show you know the steps and the program. The sponsor arrangement can terminate at any time. The whole point is to find someone who is not on an ego trip. I love this show but was disappointed with how the NA program was handled. Maybe NA works differently than AA but I don't think so.


part 2:
And he sang Czech drinking songs and loved that song "Those Were the Days" and had all these stories about bootleggers he knew way back when -- and my grandmother had stories of his hitting her and my father stories of having to go find him before school so he'd get to work, plus all the car wrecks. In AA he was a sponsor and took his turns as the middle of the night emergency contact and helped a lot of people and was sober for 40 years ... and still missed the lifestyle and drinking and drank a lot of Vernor's ginger ale ... and at the end of his life really wanted a drink.


@Pooter - There is a lot you can find, if you so choose, that I believe would contradict what you surmise/believe. I have known people in AA and have had relatives in AA, but I've always been scared of drugs and get a headache too easily from alcohol. My grandfather was sober and in AA for 40 years when he was in the hospital dying of liver cancer and was mad he was dying without having a chance to go out and get good and drunk. Really mad.


Elementary is good fun, with a good cast. I love all that deductive reasoning.
What I hate is all that`sponsor for life` crap. He will be your sponsor for the rest of your life etc. Why? Hi, my name is Bob and I am an addict. I have`nt had a drink in 10 years but I still come to this group to reinforce my negative self image and dependency on others of course. Not to mention the ego trip for the group leaders.
Hey, Bob, if you have`nt had a drink in 10 years you ain`t an addict, get on with your life and stop feeling bad about yourself etc. `when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!' I hope that Sherlock gets with Watson so there will be a different reason for her to be around rather than having that controlling addict for life BS.


I loved Johnny Lee Miller in Eli Stone and Emma and I love him in this. Definitely one of my new favorite shows. And I loved Alfredo, especially at the end with the car.


I like Alfredo. I hope we see more of him. In the books, Sherlock had a team of street urchins he called the Baker Street Irregulars who he used for information. For some reason I saw Alfredo as being a beginning to that,even though he isn't a kid.


Thursdays have become my second favorite night for television. (The first is Tuesdays and my NCIS, NCIS LA fix.) Person of Interest was my favorite new show last year and Elementary is definitely my favorite new show this season. Glad to have them back to back. Love the writing and acting of Elementary. Wasn't familiar with Jonny Lee Miller before this but definitely a fan now!


@Jim Garner Yeah, I just watched that bit again and I think your right.


@Keni, I have a feeling it needed to be misdialed a few times before there was enough juice to activate the bomb.. I thought the same thing and then remembered that they showed the bomb several times as it was trying to go off.

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