Family Guy Review: Weiver Yug Ylimaf

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When Family Guy has a special episode (not to be confused with a VERY special episode like Blossom), the show doesn’t suffer from the marked change in structure or tone.

If anything, episodes such as "Yug Ylimaf" shine because they break through the monotony that the series can occasionally experience.

Brian Travels Back in Time

With Stewie and Brian experiencing time flowing backwards, working to try and prevent his unbirth by fixing his time machine, this meant two things:

  1. Family Guy basically becomes science-fiction like all the other time-travel episodes, with Stewie’s explanations of why everything is happening.
  2. People doing things backwards is ripe for humor.

The writers and animators clearly loved the “let’s see everything happen in reverse” sight gag. They loved it so much that they kept going back to that well again and again. It was clever, but seeing another Peter and Giant Chicken fight play out backwards got a bit old.

Still, it provided ways to provide plenty of fan service: seeing Cleveland back on the show, free from the nightmare and excuse to generate syndication money that is The Cleveland Show. The origin of the Greased-Up Deaf Guy was finally revealed! Lacey Chabert got to play Meg again! But all of this just felt like it was being hammered over our heads, though at least the jokes were often cleverly layered, with stand-out quips within the backwards sequences. Repetitive, but of a higher caliber than the garden-variety half hour.

However, much like the episode where Brian and Stewie went back to the pilot, there’s a marked increase in quality compared to a normal episode. It feels like the writing is on point, with a focused story to tell, yet there’s something different about the feel of it. These episodes may be gimmicky in a way, but there’s a purpose behind them that drives them to be better. That Brian and Stewie have the best chemistry among the characters is definitely part of it, but even the rest of the show perks up because of it.

I’d love to see more of this. Not necessarily time traveling, or even just a focus on Brian and Stewie, but just more of this kind of quality. Not knowing what’s next, and seeing the humor that comes out of when the show does something unexpected is just plain refreshing, and I’m glad to see that the show can still be really good... 200 episodes later.

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love peter and stewie on the episode Yug YLIMAF it was funny when they was throwing up and eating it.


It was a nice improvement from recent episodes, and I rather like the ongoing use of the Time Machine as a storytelling device. The one part I liked was after Stewie's birth, when Peter asked if he'd be smart or "like me", indicating that A) Early Peter was aware that he wasn't the brightest, and B) He was actually showing moments of concern. He was concerned about Stewie's intelligence, his own, and we find out that Peter is hoping that the birth of Stewie will save his marriage. Is this an acknowledgement that "Yes, we're back at the start of the series, the flanderization of the characters hasn't happened, and Peter is a "Family Guy" again"?


Make Family Guy Sexy again,give Meg another make-over and make her hot.


I like when Lois read letter from Joe it was very funny. I rate the episode a C.


I liked it when Brian asked the girl if she was 16. Seems like the show had finally acknowledged that the age of consent is 16 in Rhode Island.

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