How I Met Your Mother Review: Brains or Brawn

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Well, Ted, you were right: things have been weird.

Large numbers of How I Met Your Mother fans have expressed their disappointment with this season thus far. I've been on the same side of the fence a few times, but felt very much alone in my praise of last week's episode. So when it came to "Splitsville," I found myself in unfamiliar territory. 

Have my eyes been closed to what this sitcom has really become? Was I oblivious like Robin, who didn't notice how dumb Nick was because she was blinded by his abs? Maybe I've just stuck with this show because it's comfortable, familiar and we've been together for so long it seems silly to break up. 

Barney Helps Robin

After a lot of pondering, I am confident that the answer to all these questions is a resounding "oh, Hell no!" H.E. double hockey sticks to the N.O. 

Marshall and Lily were going through a very real issue among married couples, but it brought out the best in both of them. I love when Marshall steaks out a la "Beercules" - and when Lily's hormones rage she is a sight to behold.

Marshall's speech where he tried to defend Nick to the gang topped an unusually short list of notable How I Met Your Mother quotes from the night, but the delivery was just hilarious. Marshall also nailed it with his intensity toward the Little Ivies Professionals Over 30 Who Work In Midtown League comments. Did you catch the glass of raw eggs he made for himself at one point, something he clearly learned from Rocky Balboa?

Nick's lack of mental aptitude certainly wasn't a surprise to any of us, but I still found the examples of his stupidity - such as the crossword puzzle scene and the gypsy conversation - to be quite funny. Any guy though who would prefer to eat dessert out of a bowl instead of off Robin really is a level of dumb all unto himself. Nick couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel, but if he came with a mute button I guess I could see the appeal that Robin did. (BTW, loved her in Canucks tee and shorts) 

Ted captaining his own basketball team seemed a bit redundant, but I did like how he came to the rescue in the end for Lily and Marshall. Everyone noticed something was wrong, but Ted pressed the issue and got them to open up with the truth. The sentimental moment was kept light and funny, with references like Marshall doing one-arm pushups while dipping his genitals into ice water in college. 

Barney coming to Robin's aid was no shocker, but you had to love the added twist of him first threatening her with the Robin and Patrice's BFF Fun Day, forgetting to then turn off the Evite and the resulting photo montage of the two besties on their day out.

We all knew he wasn't faking that affection for Robin, but I loved how they almost kissed. That should be a legendary moment, so I like that they are building up to it. 

Was it a great episode? No. Was it average in comedy and entertainment? No. It was just a touch more I thought, hence my 3.5 stars. What did you all think? 


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I don't understand why they did that with Nick....all the hints before pointed to him being someone special and important in Robin's life, and there was no suggestion of him being dumb at all. In fact, he seemed charming and smart. It's like the writers suddenly decided at the last minute they needed barney and robin together pronto, and that the barney and robin endgame was made up on the spot without enough time to prepare. All that time wasted with nora (so boring), kevin (no chemistry) and quinn (pointless) then this sudden rush through Nick who could have actually been a real rival to Barney with proper chemistry with Robin??? And also, remember that episode where Robin thought the North Pole didn't exist? It's not exactly like she is a rocket scientist herself.


I just caught up on this episode. I thought it was hilarious and well acted. Barney was heartfelt and that moment with him and Robin perfectly interupted. I disagree the show is going stale, I think people have too high expectations regarding the mother and instead of enjoying the JOURNEY which is what this show is actually about they are waiting for the prize at the end. Enjoy what we have...I really hope they continue into season 9...yes they will have hit and miss episodes but so do all shows - even Friends. I also thought that Lily's obsession with sex was well developed - a lot of couples with new babies find it difficult to reconnect sexually whether it is because of lack of desire on the mother's part (a lot of women feel turned off by sex) or because of the new routine with the baby.... this happens and I am sure for some parents it feel as if everytime they are about to connect the baby interrupts. for me a 8/10 episode only because I thought that Nick was a little much.


Their last season is actually next season... they are using this season to set up the characters for closure... barney and robin will have a wedding by the end of the season (i have no idea if they go through with it or not.. but i assume they do) where ted will meet his wife and then the next season will be based around that..


Its just that if this is HIMYM last season, why not spend it on having scenes where the gang gets together and does something awesome and legendary?


Everything else: BLAH - Barney and Robin - are HIMYM version of Chair - we all know they will be together at the end but I no longer care about them - Lily and her obsession with Nadia - could be funny but only if this were Lily before the baby - now its just weird Its just overall really sad that if this is HIMYM last season, that it has waisted 5 episodes (the premiere was good) on literally nothing and the characters are back were they were - so why bother then?


Better than last week, but still very below average. Good parts:
- Marshall insane working out sessions felt a lil bit like old times (remember Lucky Penny?) and Jason really did deliver all those lines about the league quite well, especially when it came to the Nick part - Nick's dumbness - well at least this character went out with a few laugh from me. His dumbness was very HIMYM material so at least I got to enjoy some scene with this guy. - Ted and the architects at the beginning of the episode - trying to play basketball, when all they did was criticize the room they were in and it just reminded me of the time when Ted used to dish out all his architecture knowledge on the guys in the early when they all went to the empire state building...I laughed whe he talked about how the floor is crooked and when the other guy commented how those walls are all wrong and took out his measuring tape. Everything else: BLAH - Barney and Robin - are HIMYM version of Chair - we all know they will be together at the end but I no longer care about them - Lily and her obsession with Nadia - could be funny but only if this were Lily before the baby - now its just weird Its just overall really sad that if this is HIMYM last season, that it has waisted 5 episodes (the premiere was good) on literally nothing and the characters are back were they were - so why bother then?


I'll repeat what I said last week : the show is not consistant. They alternate good and bad episodes, and I don't know... I just don't understand where this season is going exactly, it feels like a collection of unrelated moments ! Of course I guess we are heading to Barney and Robin's wedding (if they even actually get married) and I suppose this season will end with Ted finally meeting the Mother... but I think it's time to stop, seems they said everything they had to tell us... About this episode, I think that some moments were funny, Marshal and Lily in particular (btw, she was HILARIOUS with her horny comments lol), loved how Nick didn't get that Robin was breaking up, and loved seeing her getting closer to Barney. As I said before too, Robin is getting hotter and more beautiful every day ! I hope the next episode will be more solid...


Never watch commercial network :30min s*itcoms.....that crapola is for Dimwits only


It's better than the last but still light years away from the earlier brilliance. Sad to see that most of the things happening are re-runs (Lily's sex addiction, Ted's over-estimation of his leadership skills), it's like the writers ran out of ideas and therefore the filler episodes until the original ending are failing miserably. Maybe it's better if they end it this season because we fans don't want HIMYM to be remembered as a failed ending show.


The show has gotten stale. They're recycling jokes at this point, and there is little movement towards any conclusion. To your point, Marshall and Lily were living up to who they are as characters, but we've seen this before. It's no longer funny. Kind of like Barney. It's not funny anymore, but at least the writers have toned him down a bit. I don't see how they drag this thing out much longer.

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Talk about a double standard. Every time I go after a busty dullard that can't tell time or thinks I'm the ghost of Leonardo Dicaprio, I'm shallow. But somehow it's okay for Robin to date a guy who can't be trusted around outlets.


Okay that's ridiculous! Is Nick a genius? No. But does he have average intelligence? No! But he is a human being with a heart!