Revolution Fall Finale: A Powerful Conclusion?

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It's baffling but true: Revolution is about to go on a four-month hiatus.

With last night's "Kashmir" setting up next week's fall finale, how can fans of this NBC drama expect the series to leave them hanging?

Look for Miles to meet with Monroe Monday evening, while a certain discovery shocks Charlie and Rachel tests Monroe's patience.

Watch the official network teaser now for "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and chime in: Will you return for more Revolution in March?

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I love this show and can't wait to buy it on iTunes so I can watch it on my iPod. I think the show is written very well. It captivated me from the start and has been the entire time. It shows the fall of one government and the rise of another. In my opinion, for what it's worth as an English major, J.J. Abrams did an excellent job writing this show.


I will miss this show, and am so glad it ended with the family together and Aaron finally restored his faith in himself. I hope he runs into his wife along the way. Can't wait for the next season.


Okay, NBC is doing us a big favor. 4 months hiatus will finally put this show out of its misery. This has to be one of the poorest written shows I've ever seen. Miles doesn't shoot Monroe when he has the chance, tells Monroe that he's not family; means nothing so that they can get into a giant sword fight. Absurd, absurd, absurd, so Monroe can live? Rachel doesn't think to take the pendant or destroy the amplifier? I can't believe that J.J. Abrams is involved with this show. Normally he does stellar work. This show has so many retarded things in it that it seems like a rank amateur has made it.


If NBC and the showrunnners promise to explain how and why the power went out before NBC pulls the plug and cancels it, I will tune in again in March. I don't think I can stand another "The Event". (Even though that show did improve after it's hiatus, it lost a lot of viewers, never recovered, and was canceled without a satisfying conclusion.) I can't fathom how they can repeat the mistake of of long hiatus after that fiasco. I hope the show comes back stronger after this somewhat frustrating "save Danny" mission that has served to move the plot along during this extended introduction. I will be more interested to watch a "find out why this happened and get the power back on" mission in the second act.

Revolution Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Run you idiot!


You're not the same person. You're too far-gone. I see it now. We are not family, not anymore. I have a family. You are nothing to me.