Supernatural Sneak Preview: Castiel on the Case?!?

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Coming off an especially entertaining episode of Supernatural, this CW favorite takes next Wednesday night off.

Even hunters must celebrate Thanksgiving.

But the hit returns on November 28 with "Hunteri Heroici," an installment that finds Castiel stunning Dean and Sam with an announcement: he wants to be just like them! But is this angel cut out for interrogations and investigations?

Get your first look now at the upcoming hour to get an hilarious idea:

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The clip looks good... it's strange to see his character evolve over the years. I kind of miss the old Cass.


Castiel is great. beep beep!


detest Cas? he just got back. more Cas the better. i wonder if that gun was an acme product?


Though I am beginning to detest Cas, I just know for a fact that this episode will be hilarious.

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