Supernatural Midseason Report Card: B

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Well, the world's still here, so we can only assume that Sam and Dean Winchester have saved the day again.

What better way to celebrate than with another TV Fanatic Report Card? Following in the likes of our Grimm report card and The Walking Dead report card, scroll on down to see what we thought of Supernatural Season 8...

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Best Episode: "A Little Slice of Kevin." Angels. Demons. Tablets. Kevin Tran. This was an episode where Sam and Dean worked together, got to the heart of the mythology, and really showed how promising the main story and direction can be. Packed to the brim with humor, drama, and crazy twists? I'll take another slice.

Worst Episode: "Bitten." Some might disagree, and I do appreciate the show trying something new, but this episode was a found footage fail. With Sam and Dean barely there, sometimes it was easy to forget this was season eight. And the characters we did get to spend time with were hardly memorable. It all felt a little off for me.

Best Character: Sam, Dean, and even Castiel might be my core favorites, but that's because they headline the show. Yet, Benny as the good hearted vampire has been a great addition. Not only has he revealed a lot about Dean's character and the time in Purgatory, but he provides an intriguing friend. Plus Ty Olssen who portrays Benny has some serious acting chops to make the bloodsucker a likable character with some depth. It does make me wonder how long he can stick around before something bad happens though...

Worst Character: Sorry Amelia. I hate to hate on Sam's new girlfriend, but I've really been having a hard time seeing the spark between her and the Winchester bro. I want her to be Sam's hope for a normal life, but every scene with her feels unnatural and more of a forced pairing. I just hope the second half can really prove why Amelia is the one for Sam without me rolling my eyes at every overly glowing flashback.

Best Interrogation of a Cat: Nobody can play good cop/bad cop quite like Castiel which made his detective work in "Hunteri Heroici" that much funnier. Castiel's attempts at cracking the furry feline, let alone trying to solve the case was hilarious. And the cat's response of "dumbass" was icing on that comedy cake.

Overall Grade: B

Hopes for 2013: I really want to get back to the heart of the mythology with Crowley, the tablets, and the angels. And I know Sam and Dean fight all the time, brothers do do that sometimes, but I'd love to see them finally get over their problems and work together. And of course, more pie. Dean loves his pie like he loves his women: hot. After eight seasons, this show still holds plenty of promise, and I'm ready to follow the Winchester brothers to their final stand. Pull on your flannel and hit the gas, 2013 here we come!

Your turn, TV Fanatics! What grade would you give the first half of Supernatural Season 8?

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i disagree i m lovin this season of supernatural so far been a couple of episode s wasnt so keen but you get that in any long running series defo think its a lot better than 7 which for me was the worst season ever think some good stuff is coming up with the tablet arc and i dont know why someone thinks the guys are not the same they seem ok to me just growing up a bit i think which is long overdue they have relied on each other to much in the past they need there own lives as well as the one they share hope they get to season 10 think they will i ll be watching to the final.


Agree with the assessment of S8. Very pleasantly surprised by last week's "Trial and Error." MUCH better, in my opinion. Completely agree that "Bitten" was simply godawful, and Amelia is perhaps the most irritating love interest the writers could've possibly imagined for Sam. I mean, really. Obviously no women were consulted for opinions on that plotline or it would've never happened! Bring back Sarah Blake for Sam, I say!


@Fifty. Agree, Crowley is fantastic, and Mark Pelligrino was more than wonderful as Lucifer. They couldn't have cast these two better. I love the angels, and thought Gabriel and Balthazar were great. Zachariah too was fantastic, and Raphael was the best. His voice was spectacular. Hopefully they all get resurrected. I would like to see something really exciting happen in the show (S8 has been lame). The cage should open and Lucifer and Michael freed. I would love Lucifer and Crowley to fight each other over Hell. I would love to see Lucifer's wings. Unfortunately the actual Michael/Lucifer fight scene in S5 was disappointing, but that story arc was very exciting. Hoping S8 improves now that Amelia has gone.


You totally forgot about Crowley. To me he is the best character in Supernatural quite like T-Bag was in Prison Break. Also hope Lucifer will resurface. Mark Pellegrino was Awesome as the Satan!!!


"We promised we wouldn't look for each other though we always ignored that." That is something Jeremy Carver made up and so called "good fans" run with this rot. Watch Season 6 again. Dean WAS trying to get Sam out of Hell even while living with Lisa/Ben (and lord, I loathed Lisa/Ben, but Amelia is far, far worse.) So far Carver has Sam not looking for Dean. Season 8 would be dead without Arrow. It's a pity one of the best shows I have ever watched is now dying. Please put it out of its misery. Sam and Dean are unrecognizable. They are not the Winchester brothers. Fans, if you TRULY love Supernatural, don't tell Carver he is doing a good job when he is patently not.


Angel Lover how does Sam not looking for Dean make him look unsympathetic?
If I remember correctly though I could be wrong, Dean got mad at Sam this season because he didn't look for him saying "we promised we wouldn't look for each other though we always ignored that." If you remember the beginning of S6 Dean didn't look for Sam either when he went to hell. I love the show but Dean's hypocrisy is getting quite irritating.


@ Joe. Well said! S7 was a let down. Sam's "wall breaking down" was annoying. Cas' story in S7 was pointless - he shouldn't have been "Emmanuel" or married. The psychiatric stuff terrible, and character Marin in psych ward pointless. Hardly saw Leviathan. S6 was a let-down with Lisa & Ben crap. S8 sux most. Benny didn't need to come from Purgatory, but the Word of God should have. Sam needs an heroic role, not in a boring "non-relationship" with someone who was a bitch to him. Also, not being interested in Dean's whereabouts has made Sam an unsympathetic character. Lots of plot-holes in S8.


Well all I want is to get back to the heart of the story. Bring Death back, bring in some cosmic type big bad that gives a hidden purpose behind the tablets. Kill off Amelia quick so sam can get over her and we dont have to see those eye gauging pointless flashbacks. Give us sam back. And tie in Crowley and the Angels in a way that does them justice. I love Crowley, but he's no king of hell. I want there to be twists and an impressive story line, especially of this is the end. It needs to go out with a bang. Not an amelia and a random vampire, and if we can just forget about the leviathans that would be refreshing. Supernatural season 8 is turning into a pointless unimpressive mess and if the writer's cant bring back the old twists thrills horrors and excitement then they might as well rename the show or just cancel it now. It gets a D and that's generous.


I agree with the comment made about Benny being a decent character, but I am so damn tired of vampires. The only vampire worth mentioning at this point is the first and whatever he's up to. Benny may serve a good purpose and be a decent character, but I'm not interested in his story arc whatsoever, sorry. I've been a huge cult follower since season one. This show had and may still have some potential. Season 7 was the biggest let down in every way possible. Supernatural is following the typical declining trend many series do after the fifth season. Season 6 built up so much excitement, and the Leviathan were nothing worth remembering. Now, we have sane Sam soul and all after all the hell everyone went through to get it back and what do we have now? An incredibly boring character who seems to just be dragged back in to things from guilt. All over one of the most uninteresting love interests this series has produced. The entire love affair.. thing, feels forced and makes me uncomfortable. mention Amelia's a God awfulbl actress.why couldn't he at least had a lover like dean had Lisa? They were interesting in retrospect. So where has Sam gone? This isn't progression this is him becoming more progressively dull character, and I'm confident he's not coming back


@Richard. What?? Season 8 an A? It is the worst season, and I seriously hope it improves. It is an F. I H8 the Amelia stuff, but there are other plot-holes. There was no reason for Dean to keep Benny a secret from Sam, why? In episode 1 Sam would have looked for Dean, and would not have gone off and left Kevin undefended (I dislike this Kevin character, however), and Sam would never have left the Leviathan job unfinished. In canon the brothers are close, and now (the writers) suddenly make them bored with each other. S8 nothing is happening. Very boring writing this season. A big F.

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