Supernatural Midseason Report Card: B

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Well, the world's still here, so we can only assume that Sam and Dean Winchester have saved the day again.

What better way to celebrate than with another TV Fanatic Report Card? Following in the likes of our Grimm report card and The Walking Dead report card, scroll on down to see what we thought of Supernatural Season 8...

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Best Episode: "A Little Slice of Kevin." Angels. Demons. Tablets. Kevin Tran. This was an episode where Sam and Dean worked together, got to the heart of the mythology, and really showed how promising the main story and direction can be. Packed to the brim with humor, drama, and crazy twists? I'll take another slice.

Worst Episode: "Bitten." Some might disagree, and I do appreciate the show trying something new, but this episode was a found footage fail. With Sam and Dean barely there, sometimes it was easy to forget this was season eight. And the characters we did get to spend time with were hardly memorable. It all felt a little off for me.

Best Character: Sam, Dean, and even Castiel might be my core favorites, but that's because they headline the show. Yet, Benny as the good hearted vampire has been a great addition. Not only has he revealed a lot about Dean's character and the time in Purgatory, but he provides an intriguing friend. Plus Ty Olssen who portrays Benny has some serious acting chops to make the bloodsucker a likable character with some depth. It does make me wonder how long he can stick around before something bad happens though...

Worst Character: Sorry Amelia. I hate to hate on Sam's new girlfriend, but I've really been having a hard time seeing the spark between her and the Winchester bro. I want her to be Sam's hope for a normal life, but every scene with her feels unnatural and more of a forced pairing. I just hope the second half can really prove why Amelia is the one for Sam without me rolling my eyes at every overly glowing flashback.

Best Interrogation of a Cat: Nobody can play good cop/bad cop quite like Castiel which made his detective work in "Hunteri Heroici" that much funnier. Castiel's attempts at cracking the furry feline, let alone trying to solve the case was hilarious. And the cat's response of "dumbass" was icing on that comedy cake.

Overall Grade: B

Hopes for 2013: I really want to get back to the heart of the mythology with Crowley, the tablets, and the angels. And I know Sam and Dean fight all the time, brothers do do that sometimes, but I'd love to see them finally get over their problems and work together. And of course, more pie. Dean loves his pie like he loves his women: hot. After eight seasons, this show still holds plenty of promise, and I'm ready to follow the Winchester brothers to their final stand. Pull on your flannel and hit the gas, 2013 here we come!

Your turn, TV Fanatics! What grade would you give the first half of Supernatural Season 8?

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Sean only gives this season a B so far? Wow. I give it an A. I agree that 'Bitten' was the worst episode.


Jack, how about Carver writing a strong will female hunter? I think you're pretending to be a guy, BTW, and you're really a so-called "good fan." Amelia is boring, bland, bitchy. Sam/Amelia is nothing but a soap. Carver has spent so much time on that soap opera, that I've forgotten about the myth-arc. What was it again? Oh, yeah, the tablets. Pity I can't drum up any interest in Kevin and his mom. Irritating pair. For the love of God, stop praising Carver. He is as bad as Sera Gamble. Wish he'd stayed with Being Human. He's turning Supernatural into Super Soap. This season sucks. Minus minus Z from me.


All SPN girls are bitchy! Especially Ruby and Bela! Even Jo sometimes! So don't come with that just one two men and an angel. Amelia reminded me that Sam isn't gay...


Samelia is killing the show. Supernatural should be about the Supernatural. Two brothers hunting things, saving people. What makes it worse, however, is Amelia is such a badly written character. She is unlikeable and nasty. Why is she there, anyway? It's Supernatural not a daytime soap. And dont you DARE give me that crap about female fans hating female characters! Write a strong woman (not a bitchy one) and we'll like her. But no romance or soap. Carver gets a -Z rating from me. This season is poor, very, very poor. Boring.


Sean, are you gay or something? I love Supernatural, but I was bit tired of watching only men on screen. When I knew about Amelia I was like "Thank God, about damn time! A girl on the cast!" Unfortunately Kripke and Gamble had this obsession with killing off all the women on the show...I hope Carver let her live, which is pretty unlikely..


Please..."Worst Character"...Amelia. She's not bad, I like her. She's very interesting. The thing is that we've seen her several times, although Carver hasn't reveal much about her either. I'll wait before judging. Unfortunately Supernatural fans usually don't do that.


I admit that I started watching season 8 because of Castiel and so far I'm loving it.


I LOVE SEASON 8! I'm so happy Cas is back, he's my favorite, Cas and Dean. I love Sam and I don't want him to lose Amelia ugh. I want to see more of them, together. I can't wait for 8x10.


I'm going to sound like a parrot here, Matt. In complete agreement with your best and worst episodes. As for the newish characters (since Kevin was introduced last season), I agree that Ty Olssen's talent has made Benny a standout, but I have no idea where they plan to go with him. As for the worst, from what we have seen to this point, Amelia isn't coming across as well as I hoped. Perhaps this will change in the coming episodes?
Also, I adored Cas in Hunteri Heroici even beyond the cat scene. He was gold! Finally, I hoping to see an interesting tablet-angel storyline unfold and more Cas interactions with angels, Crowley, and Dean and Sam. I'm a tentative SPN fan at best. My continued viewing very much depends on how Cas is utilized.


I LOVE SUPERNATURAL !!!!!!!!! Its the only show on T.V I brother to watch. An season 8 like all the the other leave me crazed 4 more. Also I really like benny great touch. Please show more of Dean & Sam shirts off OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe briefs. Anyway keep it comeing !!!!! Num.1 show. Num.1 fan!!!

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