Californication Review: Gotta Have Faith

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I would have thought a funeral would be the last thing Hank would want to attend after his reaction to Carrie's death. I guess a day out of rehab with the lovely Faith was all he needed to silence his demons on "Dead Rock Stars."

I was a little surprised Gabe recommended Faith attend the funeral in the first place, but I was floored when he suggested Hank go along for support. If you hang out in a barber shop, eventually you will get a haircut and Hank got one heck of a trim in the form of a night spent partying with Atticus.

Atticus and Hank

My initial skepticism of Tim Minchin's character was supplanted by a strong fondness for the round the bend rocker. I don't think anyone was surprised to see him so attracted to Karen, but what did refreshingly catch me off guard were some of his amazing lines that made this week's list of best Californication quotes.

Charlie continued to lie about his sexuality, but if he goes on many more work lunches like the one this week, things may get expensive. He really has landed himself in a "big gay pickle" of a situation. You had to respect the effort he showed by researching his role and watching a new kind of porn than he is used to. In the end, Charlie turned down some lavatory love, but Hank was happy to help out the grieving widow at the funeral.

Hank agreed to go to rehab to appease Karen and Becca, but his actions so far this season haven't exactly rang true with remorse and reconciliation. While fans of the show don't tune in each week hoping to see Hank put himself together, I do think our hero is at his best when on good terms with his family. Hank will have some explaining to do, as Karen looked none too happy to see her man passed out on the floor of her new job site instead of in rehab. 

Will working in such close quarters bring Hank and Karen closer or push them further apart?

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This third episode has redeemed the show for me, just a little bit. I think maybe it was the scene where Karen found Hank passed out in a pile of after-party bodies that may have done the trick. That's the guy I remember: always getting into trouble and being caught at it by the love of his life. It's a formula that has worked right from the get-go in Season 1. Tim Minchin is a pretty amazing guy (check youtube for some awesome songs by him), so I was relieved to see him show up again, not only as Hank's enabled, but as Karen's boss. I agree with you Chris about Charlie's outcome. (No pun intended): it's a great premise for some scenes you know we're going to see later on down the road.

Californication Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm in a pickle Hank! It's a big gay pickle!


Can I bring anything back for you damaged fu-kers? Some coke? Some heroine? Some Pink Taco?