EXCLUSIVE Vampire Diaries Promo: Tyler's Revenge?

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Based on the following promo, it's no wonder Klaus may soon star in a Vampire Diaries spinoff set in New Orleans: life in Mystic Falls is about to get rather dangerous for this Original Hybrid.

Jeremy doesn't want to take his advice. Rebekah is back in the picture. And Tyler? In response to the murder of his mother, this werewolf looks to be turning - literally - into Klaus' worst nightmare.

The CW has supplied TV Fanatic with an EXCLUSIVE extended trailer for Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, as new footage depicts a Rebekah/Tyler alliance; Jeremy in training; and Elena breaking Stefan's heart with an admission about sex with Damon.

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Anyone know what song this is?


@V I agree with you about the Stelena scene in 3x01. I had tears in my eyes while watching it, it was such an emotional scene, even I as a DEshipper can admit that. And also the SE closet scene in 3x03 where Elena and Stefan stare into each others eyes was awesome. But apart from these two scenes I've never seen great chemistry between them. The chemistry between Nina/Elena and Ian/Damon was outstanding from the beginning and IMO this has nothing to do with the fact that she is dating Ian but more to do with the story the writers are trying to tell, namely that Stelena are puppy love and Delena are the real deal. Besides IMO Ian is the better actor. Paul is a good actor and a great guy, but he hasn't the experience that Ian has and that's the reason why the DE scenes are more intense.


Its a tv show about vampires, not saints or timelords, of course they're going to behave immorally, they're controlled by their emotions. Although, the writers seem determined to have Elena live up to her Petrova legacy, no not to be a sacrifice or a blood bag, but to mess around with with the lives of two brothers. I don't really feel sorry for Stefan, because he's tried to control Elena ever since she turned, when Rebekah attacks her at her anti curfew party (why does Elena attend in the first place)he doesn't help her or even confront Rebekah.He just lectures Elena He acts like he's disgusted by the fact that she's now a vampire, even though he's done much worse things himself. So does Caroline, for that matter, who, as I've said before, is a bit of a hypocrite for lecturing Elena about Damon and then still allowing Klaus into her life.


cont. ...are in love. Honest I don't understand how Ian and Nina rule the show simply because they are dating in real life. Nina/Paul love scenes and chemistry in seasons 1 & most of 2 was off the charts but it suddenly sizzled out from season 3 and moved to her lover Ian. Does anyone remember when Stefan in his ripper state called her over the phone and was silently crying while she encouraged him to stay strong etc? Even over the phone there was chemistry as at then. Nina needs to take notes from Emily (Emily VanCamp) whose chemistry with Aiden is very intense even though she's in a relationship with Daniel in real life or else she should make sure she and Ian always act movies together.


OMG I am so excited!!! I can't believe that Elena said out loud that she slept with Damon, not because of the sire bond, but because she is in love with him. Elena is in love with Damon, I've waited four seasons for this to happen, I am so happy right now.


I think Tyler has a damn good reason to be upset, i love both him and klaus and am interested in where this storyline is going. And for Elena, I like her like this, not because she is with damon, but because she stands up for what she wants.


I really can't think of any tv character I have despised the way I despise Elena right now. WHAT? To tell Stefan that crap with a straight face after moving into his house and sleeping with his brother a day after their break up is beyond revolting. There's a reason why Shonda is the queen of soapy love stories, that's because she NEVER crosses the line when it comes to sibling, fathers, mothers etc...blood is blood and even if the story is about vampires or zombies love is the same language. How can the foundation of true love be chasing after a brothers girlfriend till the silly twat gives in? To keep this revolting triangle alive Elena will 'love' Stefan also. I just hope no Damon worshiper will cry foul when she falls out of love with him in a single episode and goes running back into the arms of Stefan. Stefan needs to leave TVD to join the spin off please. Absolute rubbish! Filling young minds with rubbish and making them feel having sex with siblings is excusable as long as they are in 'love'. Rubbish!


vampire diaries the best!


w00t! Delena back on track !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously? Tyler against Klaus? They're actually going through with this? On the other hand ... good to see, so Tyler will die soon. Since Hayley came into the picture I dislike him more and more.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Damon [to Jeremy]: I'm updated our relationship status to: It's Complicated.

April: You asked me to take notes:
Rebekah: I wasn't being literal, darling.