EXCLUSIVE Vampire Diaries Promo: Tyler's Revenge?

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Based on the following promo, it's no wonder Klaus may soon star in a Vampire Diaries spinoff set in New Orleans: life in Mystic Falls is about to get rather dangerous for this Original Hybrid.

Jeremy doesn't want to take his advice. Rebekah is back in the picture. And Tyler? In response to the murder of his mother, this werewolf looks to be turning - literally - into Klaus' worst nightmare.

The CW has supplied TV Fanatic with an EXCLUSIVE extended trailer for Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, as new footage depicts a Rebekah/Tyler alliance; Jeremy in training; and Elena breaking Stefan's heart with an admission about sex with Damon.

Watch now:

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everyone's turning on klaus the same way everyone turned on rebecca. they just use eachother. things should work out though- i see the spinoff as being successful if they do it right. i really hope they do it right.


whoaaa so much Elena hate! :P at least she's being a bit more decisive these days


Yawn and please Elena, at least have the decency to spare Stefan the details of you sleeping with his BROTHER five seconds after you forced him to move out of his OWN HOUSE!


So tired of the Delena Diaries. Yes yes they get to call the shots because they are dating in real life and now want to be together on the show. Can we please just move on and get back to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Cannot wait to see Tyler go crazy on Klaus for killing his mom. Cannot wait for Jeremy to kick anyone who stands in his way. If the show doesn't pick up soon the ratings will go down even more than they already have since they got together.


I'm so excited and hearing Elena saying for the first time that she's in love with Damon (not care about him, not maybe falling in love with him) and that it's the reason of her sleeping with him and not 'cause of the sire bond in the faces of those who think otherwise made me speechless.


I'm so excited! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P

David and sabrina 2014

Who knows how Tyler will be planning his revenge but things can get pretty serious with the results of what happens throughout each and every turn of each episode as something is revealed throughout each time. I'm still disappointed about this season's episode 7 that made the season feel like a total screw-up and yet Elena having a sire bond to Damon will just keep breaking Stefan's heart with anger and hatred. I wonder how things will get fixed again(and I want no more Delena). ;P =O =|


Bullshit! Tyler should be dead long ago... so tired of trying make him versus Klaus... he stands no chance!

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