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In an ideal way to welcome us in Girls Season 2, Hannah and ex-boyfriend-turned-gay-best friend Elijah hosted an awesome, awkward housewarming soiree.

Yes, "It's About Time" was the perfect was to get reacquainted with our favorite girls.

Well, with everyone except for Jessa, who only made a brief appearance at the end of the half hour when she returned from her honeymoon after her whirlwind courtship with Thomas John (Chris O'Dowd.)

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In the season one finale of Girls Hannah and Adam had a major blow up about their relationship right before he got hit by a truck.

Despite being so pissed off he wouldn't let Hannah get in the ambulance, he had no problem with her being his primary caregiver here. The problem is that Hannah - after "chasing him like he was the f*cking Beatles for six months" - is no longer interested and pretty much wants nothing to do with him. She's changing his bedpan (ewwww)! out of guilt, but it seems like their weird sexual relationship has finally met its demise.

Instead, Hannah has moved on to the beloved Donald Glover from Community. Glover plays a Republican named Sandy, who has a hard time chasing Hannah around a store when he has a boner. I would love to know what "Troy and Abed in the Morning" would have to say about this. It's also good to know that Lena Dunham is still completely comfortable getting naked onscreen despite the copious amounts of public commentary on Lena's nudity.

Unsurprisingly, Marnie is not as comfortable. Then again, she was involved in one of the most awkward sex scenes I've ever watched, and I've seen A LOT. Then again when you are wasted and attempting to have sex with your best friend's gay ex boyfriend, stuff is going to get weird. Cue the erectile dysfunction, eye rolling, awkward coverups and Andrew Rannells' tush. 

Now that Marnie has been laid off, I see her on a very lost path, which could result in some really interesting things for our resident uptight girl. The part of her mother was perfectly cast, with Rita Wilson at the helm telling Marnie she looked too skinny. Agreed. 

I had a bad breakup. It's okay I think we're gonna be able stay friends you know, but I'm not gonna do what Hannah does and order 6 pizzas to make myself feel better. | permalink

Marnie may be lost, but my God, she should not be crawling into Charlie's bed. She's done enough damage sleeping with Hannah's ex, she needed to just call it a night. If I were Charlie's new girlfriend I would flip out.

Lastly, mark my words, I totally think this is going to be Shoshanna's season. Last year she was pretty much a background character except for that one time she smoked crack and was running through Brooklyn bottomless. Shoshanna seems to have found her voice. I love the fact that she showed up to the party in a fascinator and kinda looked like she was in mourning, which she was: for her virginity. 

She and Ray are both a little off and I actually dig their dynamic. I predict a funnier and more involved Shosh this season.

Aside from missing Jessa, this was a great return episode for Girls. In a case of "the more things change, the more they stay the same," I think it's going to be a really interesting season and having Elijah in the mix adds some serious entertainment. 

Sidenote: if anyone knows who played the acoustic version of my favorite Bruce Springsteen song "I'm Going Down" in the credits, please message, tweet me, or leave it in the comments. Thanks!

What did you all think of the season premiere of Girls? Hit the comments!


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Dear Leigh, Did you find out who musician was that played "I'M Going Down" as the credits ran? Thanks,


When I first started watching Girls, I wasn't really sure where the show was going, but meanwhile I grew very fond of this show. I love the fact that unlike in case of soooo many shows its protagonists do not look like supermodels and have some made up practically non-existent problems in their perfect little lives. These girls have some serious damage :-D and some pretty big issues to deal with and they are really messed up. Anyone who was already twenty something and had no clue where his life was going can easily relate to these girls. Generally, I could do without seeing so much of naked Lena Dunham, but on the other hand, I think she manages to send a good message, that a women doesn't have to be super-skinny to feel good in her body. So, as a conclusion - GO GIRLS!!!


I was so happy for Lena when she won best actress in a comedy series, and when girls won best comedy series!!! I love girls sooooo much!!!! Love the music on every episode!!!!


So awesome! Every character was spot on.... there was nothing not too love about this episode!! Elijah is so funny... they manage to be so real... remind me of so many people of my generation... I really dig it!


They should have had a laugh track.

Leigh r

Thanks Lucas!


Vampire Weekend did the cover.


Tonight's a great night for Lena Dunham. She won a Golden Globe, her show won a Golden Globe (take that, Modern Family and Veep!), and season 2 has come off to a great start.

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I should probably wait until he's capable of wiping himself.


I'm sorry I have a boner. It's not for you.

Elijah [to Hannah]