NCIS Episode Preview: "Shabbat Shalom"

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NCIS returns next Tuesday with what looks like an emotional episode.

In "Shabbat Shalom," the team investigates the link to a dead journalist and a Navy petty officer, while Ziva is taken aback by a sudden visit by her father, who she hasn't seen in more than two years. 

Ziva is understandably suspicious and questions the purpose of her dad's visit, but Mossad director Eli (played by Michael Nouri) insists he is in the U.S. strictly to see his daughter for Shabbat dinner.

Is there more to it, or is he really there to make amends and that's it?

Watch CBS' promo for the episode and share your comments below:

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Its really sad if you think about it NCIS could go on for a couple more year if it would stop with the Tiva bullshit and listen to it long time fans


glad there are so many tiva fans.we all know it will happen.i agree with all the fans jenny was the best director shame they killed her off.


It is time to wind this show down and that is exactly what is being done - we all love our NCIS, but ...there comes a time..and within the next season or two we will have to come to grips with that..having said that! Onto the episode.
Ziva never can deal with facing grief.. she glosses over it, moves on, will say, "It is what it is.." The closest she came was when Franks died ( I am still in mourning) -- this time, she will have to face it and this time she will feel it. How? With who? (darn well better be Tony) is the key. Her character changes, in a good way, but first the darkness. Going to be a rough couple of episodes, "Shiva" is upon us.
I hope it is Vance, can't stand him, don't trust him. Jenny was a caring Director, but her agenda always over shadowed her position. I still liked her , wish she was still there in many respects.
We are approaching dark times for our Ziva.. I just hope that she , with Tony, YES TIVA !!!! - get through it stronger.


@Carol there is no website called TV TALK their a tv show but no website and even if she did resign they can still kill her off,The reason why people do not like Jenny Shepherd as Director is because she use NCIS to kill René Benoit which many NCIS fan believe she was at one time in love with. Also she came off very Evil allowing Kate Killer to go free putting two terriost on gibbs team who would end up betraying NCIS plus she let the fact that she was a female run her job.


First of all, Jenny Shepherd was a very good Director. She expected people to do extra assignments, but she supported them in doing so. I would rather have Jenny (Lauren Holly) any day other than Vance (Rocky Carroll). Cote de Pablo signed a two year contract on April 27, 2012 according to internet site TV TALK. All main characters (6) have signed 2 year contracts. I think this will last until May 2014 (Season 10 2012-2013 and Season 11 2013-2014). Ziva is a very important part of the characters. The only person that is not listed for the period covered by the contract is Rocky Carroll. Maybe the person that will die will be Vance, Vance's wife or Eli David. It would be a letdown to have any of them not guest star on NCIS any longer. One person said the surprise might be the fact that Ziva's mother is still alive. This would be an additional guest star in the episodes.


@kimski When was the last time you watch NCIS we already know what that paper that he shred it was something that the founding NCIS agent put in his file to make sure he never became Director. Also Vance is not a Evil as Jenny was


We aren't calling ziva tiva. Tiva is the names tony and ziva together.


I have just read on the internet Cote De Pablo has just singed a new 2 year contract, she signed last year 2012, but I thought her contract was not up for renewal till the end of season 10 2013, doe any body know if this is true.


I like Ziva. I like that her character has so much more personality now than when she started. To kill Ziva off would be a mistake. She is like a daughter to Gibbs and I think an important part of the show. Vance has something bad hidden in his past if you all remember on the episode that he was made Director when Jennie Shepherd died he pulled a page out of his file and shred it. I feel like his past may catch up with him this year and they may try to make Gibbs be Director but as we all know, that is not in his nature. I love this show and the only character that I really wouldn't miss in Director Vance. I just don't care for the way his character interacts with the others. I loved the dynamics between Director Shepherd, Gibbs and the rest of the team.


I'm sorry but all of you who are fighting and commenting on EVERY spoiler, you have NO life! People think I'm obsessed with NCIS but you're a lot worse, just saying. I for one love the show and just take it as it comes, even if I did think that the x-mas episode was too cliché...

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Leon Vance: So. We'll still have the house to ourselves after dinner right?
Jackie Vance: You had your shot, baby.

Leroy Gibbs: Leon?
Leon Vance: She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.