NCIS Promo: It's Payback Time

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NCIS picks up next week in the shocking aftermath of what we witnessed Tuesday night.

The events of "Shabbat Shalom" (see our NCIS review and Round Table for a full breakdown) clearly hit close to home, leaving the team scrambling for answers - and demanding justice.

How far will they go in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues? Where will the line be drawn between personal and professional? Between retribution and upholding their duty?

Check out the promo below, for "Shiva," and share your predictions below:

Matt Craven reprises his role as SecNav Clay Jarvis and Paula Newsome will appear again as Jackie Vance; it's unclear if she will appear in flashbacks, or if she somehow survived, as some have theorized.

Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) also guest stars as Deputy Director Jerome Craig.

"Shabbat Shalom," incidentally, was watched by 21.11 million people, the highest-rated episode of NCIS Season 10 so far and one of only a dozen or so to crack the 21 million mark in series history.

An achievement well-earned by a top-notch episode, cast and writing team.

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Tony whispered "aht lo leh vahd". In hebrew it means "You are not alone." The song playing at the end was "Not Alone" by Patty Griffin.


Come on - Tony whispered into Ziva`s ear I love you - to which Ziva answered I know Put two and two together - we`ve been waiting for this one way or another - a fling, a romance between the two without the staff suspecting ?


Thank you for being the voice of reason. I think you are saying exactly what the rest of us are trying to convey but you have done it in a more polite and diplomatic way. I also try to post on here in a respectful way because you never know who may be reading these posts. No one can say with 100% certainty that the family or friends of the actors do not read these messages on the fanboards. I also think that most people, if they ever met Cote de Pablo or Michael Weatherly or any of the other actors, would never say to their faces the mean things that they feel free to post on this board. So I will try not to engage the negative people anymore and follow your example!


@Doninozza - Lol, your English blows his away, no need to apologize


For several months I read your comments. And those of the famous "Michael"!!! (It is also not translatable because his English is very bad and he mixes everything). Everyone has the right to give his opinion, but in his case I think he's trying to sow discord in this forum (and elsewhere in other forums). And it works. My advice : the best solution is not to respond to his comments even if they're bad (and I use a nice word). Ignore him. Everyone. Discuss episodes, characters from our favorite serie without paying attention to Michael. And remaining respectful of actors and other fans who are corrects.
Excuse my English but I use an online translator because I usually speak French.
I wish you a good second half of the season with NCIS. MW was right : season 10 is great


@ michael - "we're blind to what we want" "she the Hulk Hogan of NCIS"... Dude, what the heck are you talking about?!


@michael the only hate for ncis is you michael the rest of the 20million love watching ncis so do us all a favour and stop watching you wont be missed.


are the 3 leads of the show & everyone else is considered supporting cast so I think all the episodes are well balanced with the screen time the actors are given. The producers have stated that these 3 work everyday and have the most screen time. And once again if you hate someone that much, stop watching.


Gee, I clearly pointed out all the top players from Shabbot Shalom and I didn't mention Tiva once! I love all the characters. They all have a role & add something to the show. If I hated one of them as much as some people hate Ziva, to the point that I fast forward through their parts, I would stop watching. What a waste of time. I don't know what show some of you are watching but I find it amusing that several people are referring to it as ZCIS! Really?! Tony & Ziva have been featured equally in episodes this year. Since most of their scenes are together, I'd assume that that would be the case. Now, I don't know about you but Phoenix was pretty much a Ducky episode. Then there was Namesake which really focused on Gibbs & his father. Devil's Trifecta had a lot of McGee, Diane and Fornell. And Shell Shock parts 1/2 was about Gibbs & Westcott. So, yea, how that translates to the show being all about Ziva is beyond me. Mark Harmon,Cote de Pablo & Michael Weatherly are the 3 leads of the show & everyone else is considered supporting cast so I think all the episodes are well balanced with the screen time the actors are given. And once again if you hate someone that much, stop watching.


WOW freedom of speech is really dead, see these is why I HATE shipper you people are so blind to what you want and to ONE character you can't see your hurting the show. Do you really think 20 million people really care who these was about rather it be Ziva or any of the character No why because they watch for the whole show not just one actor like you Tiva shipper do and if you look at the facebook page and the CBS website more people were talking about Jackie and Vance then Ziva and her father why because people are sick of Ziva she the Hulk Hogan of NCIS always in the lime light always has to be the star of the show. Beside the only reason NCIS even got 20 million was because it was the first episode of 2013 and just like most show NCIS start to really pick up heading towards its season finale. I have no respect for shipper you people are the reason why their so much hate for NCIS you people are the reason why crime show are given a bad rep and you people are the reason why we have show like Honey Boo Boo.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Leon Vance: So. We'll still have the house to ourselves after dinner right?
Jackie Vance: You had your shot, baby.

Leroy Gibbs: Leon?
Leon Vance: She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.