Supernatural Episode Preview: One Fine Day

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The return of Supernatural Season 8 last night took this beloved CW series in a new direction. What did you think of "Torn and Frayed?"

As you consider the past, let's also look ahead to the future... especially because it will feature the return of Felicia Day as Charlie!

This actress makes an appearance on "LARP and the Real Girl," as Sam and Dean investigate the deaths of two Live Action Role Players and find themselves in a world dominated by kings, queens and a fairy (guest star Tiffany Dupont). It looks to be an especially enjoyable hour of television.

Watch the teaser now:

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@Melynda. SPN is my favourite show. I just hate to see it butchered! I want to see great actors and a spectacular story, not superficial dialogue, poorly portrayed characters, or it turned into a comedy or soap. Btw, I wasn't a fan of MOTW. I can't defend a season which is causing my fav show to die a slow death. Hope SPN can improve so it will be around for S12 or 13! IMO fans who don't want to see an improvement are the ones guilty of a show's demise, not the ones who want to keep it interesting. Did you ever watch X Files? That was tortured during its last seasons, and sadly died an unnatural death. As for canon, it can't change. There can be an evolution of ideas, but canon can't dramatically change. Canon means orthodox or genuine. Canon in mathematics is a general rule or formula. Canonic church law is sacred texts that can't change.


I could have done without seeing Charlie again. I like Felicia Day in The Guild, but it seems nobody wants her to do anything but play the same character over and over again in different shows. She was a great one time character. I'm a little disappointed that she's going to be around again. But, that being said, the first part of season 8 has been a bit heavy so they need a little levity to it.
As for "Dean Grimly" down there... Maybe it's time you just stopped watching? I hate being 'that girl' but if you don't like where the show is going, just stop. You don't want to see Kevin or his mom, even though Kevin is kind of KEY to the plot this season? That makes zero sense. Also maybe you should learn what canon means. Anything that comes from the writers and makes it to the screen is canon, dearie. This show has evolved too much to be sustained by MOTW episodes all the time anymore.

Ronald simkins

Of course since Supernatural raked in the People Choice awards no one really likes it anymore, "We". Yet it is still on the air.


Personally, I don't want to see Charlie. I think the SPN characters need to be serious. It is at risk of becoming a "comedy", and this would totally ruin it. It can have the occasional light hearted episode, but SPN is essentially supposed to be horror / supernatural. S7 was the beginning of the demise, and we barely saw Leviathan. SPN needs to beome scary again. We want ghosts and graves. We want to watch it through our fingers with the loungeroom lights on. S8 is the worst season, with boring, unnecessary Amelia story which went on, and on, and on. I don't want to see Charlie, Garth, Amelia, Kevin or Mrs. Tran. Return it to canon.


I'm excited to see Charlie again! Her character was great last season.

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