Supernatural Round Table: "Torn and Frayed"

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Fans were awarded for their patience last Wednesday, as Supernatural Season 8 returned from hiatus with a strong "Torn and Frayed."

What were the best scenes and quotes? What is the deal with Castiel? Round Table panelists Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna, Carla Day and Alice Jester (from The Winchester Family Business) debate those topics and many more in this week's feature. Gather around below!


Favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: When the Winchesters were resigned to their fate at the end of the episode, sitting on the couch, watching TV and having a beer. I hate that they forfeited happiness for the bigger picture, but love that they did it for now, because it means there is a chance they can repair their broken relationship. In the end, there is nothing more important than what they are to each other.

Carla: When Amelia showed up to see Sam. In an otherwise dark world for Sam, she provides a brightness and happiness. She gave him hope of a better future, whether he took her up on her offer or not.

Alice: My favorite scene is when Castiel came and got Sam. It's the most amusing part of the episode, which isn’t saying much considering how much of a downer it was. I laughed when he told the feuding brothers to “stow your crap.” Someone needed to give them that kick in the rear, and I’m happy it was Cass.

Sean: I agree with Carissa about that final scene. As much as their decisions might have been ones they don't want to make, that coming together was important. Plus, it was kind of nice seeing them relax for the time being and just watch some TV before getting back on the job. The life of a hunter is a hard one.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Is Castiel being controlled? What did Samandriel/Alfie mean?
Carissa: Cas is definitely being controlled. I've been suspicious of Naomi all season. We've never seen Heaven, nor has Castiel, so we don't know if it's been repaired after the damage he did or if she's just taken over where he left off. She could be on her own power trip, using the angels to her own ends. Considering what she did in Cas' flashbacks, and Samandriel's obvious fear of her discovering he had leaked information, she's not at all forgiving.

Carla: Castiel is absolutely being controlled and that's scary. No idea what Alfie meant, but it's a mystery that's intriguing.

Alice: Yes. That’s the frustrating part though, who? I was hoping we would have gotten more clues this episode. Samandriel/Alfie just stated something obvious to the viewer.

Sean: Now, it seems very very likely. I guess the next question is to what end? Alfie's comment is a real brain teaser because it makes you wonder what the fate of the angels might be. It's not just demons vs angels anymore.

What is up with Naomi? Good guy? Bad guy? Something else?
Carissa: As I mentioned above, I'm going with bad guy. Perhaps she snagged control of Heaven and has her own goals for it's future in mind. Whoever she is, since Cas hasn't been able to see what's beyond her office when he's with her, doesn't remember who she is once he's back on earth and is killing his own brothers at her bidding, she's up to no good.

Carla: Who is Naomi? I doubt she has altruistic goals. We've seen through Castiel's fall that being an angel doesn't necessarily mean good. My guess is that there is a sect of angels that want to gain power and they want the tablet for that purpose. Or, something similar, but probably more creative that the writers have come up with.

Alice: Bad guy! Or bad girl. Or bad, um, different entity. Naomi’s evil to the core that’s for sure. Can’t wait to find out who her boss is. I’m not convinced she’s an angel at all.  She’s probably one of those demon scientists that worked up poor Samandriel.

Sean: We still need to learn more about her. I guess we've all been under the assumption that she's an angel, but is she? Her motives are not good ones, clearly, because she wanted Alfie dead. That mysterious type of bad guy is fun to watch because you have no idea what to expect.

What did you think of Sam and Dean's final decisions?
Carissa: I hated them but found them ultimately necessary for their lives and purpose. I believe they will find happiness again, but it will not be the happiness they expected.

Carla: Heartbreaking. Sam turned down a happy, normal life to continue on this dangerous path with Dean. That choice will haunt him forever. Dean turned on a friend in order to keep his relationship with Sam. In the big picture, not as tragic as Sam's choice, but still sad. The brothers chose each other, but at what cost?

Alice: You knew they were going to choose each other, that’s for sure, so the entertainment value came in the path getting there. It felt so...empty. Granted, I liked how their decisions were made with a high level of maturity and came without pressure or ultimatums from the other, but they looked so miserable together in the end. This wasn’t the happy reunion I was hoping to see.

Sean: The brothers have gone through so much and so far, that really the whole hunter status is weighing heavy on them. I think neither of them wanted to make those decisions, but they knew what that big picture was and put everything else aside for the sake of saving the world. I just hope that they can find a way to be happy again.

Will we see Amelia and Benny again?
Carissa: I don't think so. Unless they need to hunt and kill Benny, he'll be gone. As for Amelia, Sam won't have the heart or desire to break hers again.

Alice: Amelia, probably not. Benny, oh yes. The writers can’t resist an old fashioned drama where Benny turns and Dean has to kill him. Or Sam has to kill him making Dean sad. It seems inevitable.

Carla: I agree with Alice, Benny will turn up again. He's part of the world the brothers live in. Not sure about Amelia. Sam will honor her wish to stay away, but that doesn't mean their paths won't cross again. I'd prefer we not see either of them again. The brothers made their decision and leave their choice hanging over their heads forever.

Sean: Yeah, I think Amelia is done, but because Benny is a part of the monster world, he's bound to show up again. Although, I've got a feeling that the way the season is progressing that Benny's return will not be one full of hugs.


I have to say Amelia was disappointing as a character and story for Sam. She basically served as a push for him to want a normal life and he really didn't need her for that. He wanted a normal life anyway. Sam is like a temporary recruit to the army mainly for the incentives and Dean is like a career soldier immersed in the life. Bottom line the Amelia story arc was just disappointing. I kept waiting for the twist to come and it never did. Ugh


Carla -favourite scene from episode - "when Amelia showed up to see Sam??? She provided happiness and brightness??" What happiness and brightness? He was fixing sinks in a motel! Amelia was rude and nasty to him in the beginning. Most boring romance ever shown on television. Glad her story seems to have ended. It was totally irrelevant to the show, and it dragged on. Her script was ghastly, which didn't help. The episode was the better out of an unsatisfactory S8, and surely an exciting scene was when Crowley discovered the existence of an angel tablet, or when Naomi was shown to have implanted something into Cas. It's SPN, not Days of Our Lives.


IMHO I am hoping never to see Amelia again.....the chemistry just wasn't there....on the other hand I definately hope to see Bennie again.... I am hoping he shows up in the future just in time to save Sam's life..... It would be pleasent to see Sam aknowledge the good in Bennie....


I see their decisions as difficult, but not as 'choosing unhappiness'. I don't think they could be either happy if they had to live a life apart for one another , something that would probbaly happen, seeing how black and white these guys see their lives. I think that's what ckicked in Sam'smind after Dean's visit. Also, let's be honest, I doubt Sam could ever have a honest relationship with Amelia, as she didn't know a thing about Sam. He knew a life with her was meant to be lying about the first 3 decades of his life. About Dean, I had no doubt he'd choose Sam, but I still wonder why Sam never gave Benny a chance. I'm really eager to see the next episodes, and how they're gonna work on their relationship. When things are on the floor, they can only go up, right?


I think Benny will definitely be back and Amelia won't. The producers look at fan reaction and for the most part the character of Amelia was a failure and Benny was a success. Plus, there is unfinished business with Benny as to whether or not he stays on the wagon, which I think he won't. I also think that the ending was great in the fact that it was realistic and mature. No one is happy, but in the end they know they need to try to fix yet another monumental problem.

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