Supernatural Sneak Peek: Shopping for Explosives

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Following an extended holiday hiatus, Supernatural Season 8 is back with a new episode this Wednesday, as Crowley holds an angel hostage on "Torn and Frayed" and Castiel must come to his rescue before the villain discovers all their secrets.

Elsewhere, look for Sam to be given an ultimatum by Amelia: stay with me... or never contact me again.

What will the hunter do in this scenario? Watch the following sneak peek as you wonder:

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Writers - S8 is disappointing. Kevin, Mom, Amelia & Garth are poor characters. Bad writing S7 killing off Bobby and bringing him back as vengeful ghost. Lots of plot-holes in S8, how did Crowley trap an angel? What happened to Dean's PTSD (lasted less than 5 minutes); Why did Sam want to kill Benny (when Benny saved Dean's life); Why did he get sick Martin involved? Why didn't Crowley kill Kevin so new prophet could read tablet?; Where are archangels protecting demons?. Give Sam proper heroic story -he is star of the show, and is a total bore. He shouldn't have been souless in S6. He needs to save lives and be a hero. Stop Amelia story - it's garbage.


Shut the hell up !!!!

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