Dallas Review: Beautiful Enemies

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"Sins of the Father" juggled the players on Dallas in such a way that when they landed, former friends became enemies and enemies banded together.

Christopher's Evidence

Complications for Elena. When I'd heard that a family member would arrive in this episode I had high hopes for another Ewing to darken South Fork's doorstep.  Instead we got Drew.

Elena's big brother had a problematoc past and it appeared his future would be filled with disappointment if John Ross has anything to do with it.

Drew's out to avenge his Daddy's death after the man spent his life chasing oil that just wasn't there. And now a Ewing holds the title to his family's land, which he's bound and determined to get back. This left Elena in the middle of what could end up being a Ewing/Ramos feud.

Was I the only one seeing the similarities between Drew and Elena's story to that of the original Cliff/Pamela/Digger Barnes? I've always liked Elena but when she was cooing about Christopher being her soulmate while John Ross was still in the room I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

Mamma Bear. Once again J.R. was right. Hearing about John Ross' heartbreak and humiliation was just enough to get Sue Ellen riled. With the rest of her life in shambles, she could take her anger out on Elena.

Sue Ellen may know when she's getting played by J.R., but her son may be an entirely different matter.

Pamela or Rebecca? Are we now suppose to call her Pamela? Not that I don't love the history but didn't she legally change her name to Rebecca?  

It looked like Cliff's clean up crew could have done a better job, but then again he always did go cheap. J.R. was right. Frank's stealthy ninja skills were slipping. Or perhaps he just hoped to have a way of taking the spoiled princess down if he needed it.

Like a bloodhound, J.R. could smell a weak link a mile off and exploit it as he told Frank in this Dallas quote:

J.R.: It's a rare and beautiful thing when enemies share the same enemy. | permalink

Speaking of enemies, how wonderful was it to see Bobby go to J.R. to take down Ryland? When the chips are down, you go to your brother... and when you need to take down a piece of sleaze like Ryland, you go to the master devil himself.  

But J.R. may not have the chance to work his delightfully despicable magic. I knew Annie had a gun in her purse the moment she walked in the door. I knew she'd pull it on Harris. I just didn't think she'd actually shoot him. I cheered when she did.

A few side notes…

  • Hearing Ryland's mother call Annie the egg donor made me want to slap her. I can't imagine what Emma has turned out like being raise by those two arrogant, selfish bastards.
  • How funny was it to watch J.R. google himself and laugh over the results?
  • Does anyone else hate Christopher's sneaky secretary?
  • Where the heck is Cliff Barnes?

Will Annie have to pay the price for shooting Ryland? Is Ryland dead or alive? Will Tommy's death come back to haunt Pamela?  So many questions left unanswered leaving me already anticipating next Monday's Dallas.


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CONTINUED FROM BELOW...4) SUE ELLEN wakes up! For someone in business with the Ewings, Elena isn't a very good businessperson. Did she think Sue Ellen loaned her a lot of money to let the well sit there? I'm glad this deal wasn't forgotten. Elena should pay back the money if she doesn't want JRoss' mama in her face. But, calling her a "bitch" because her attention has been diverted to her fiance-of-the-month's clean energy cause isn't professional. Elena is the one who dropped the ball and didn't keep up her end of the deal.
5) WHERE IS CLIFF? - I think the show would have the character on more if the actor was in better health.
6) "Pamela" vs. "Rebecca" - When the other Rebecca is on the same episode, I think "Pamela" is used just to differentiate the two women. JR is definitely calling her "Pamela" to put her in the same basket as the original Pam.


1) HOLY COW! Annie shot Ryland! Mitch Pileggi's portrayal has sure erased any residual goodwill I felt from his Skinner days on THE X-FILES. I can't blame her. But, talk about burning bridges - any possible chance with her daughter was just shot to hell.
2) Judith Light is soooo good all the time! Evil, good, or usually the gray area in between, she never disappoints.
3) Sneaky secretaries - it's a continuation from the original DALLAS. From the first episode, J.R.'s assistant worked to get the lowdown on everyone in the Ewing Oil offices. It shows that while life goes on, some things remain the same, and sometimes the secretary can tell you more about what is going down than any technological do-dad.


I agree Christopher and Elena are boring. I like Pamela and John Ross. Curious to see if Frank turns on Pamela and hope she does not lose power. Her character is great.


No I don't hate Christopher's secretary....if you saw, HE ASKED HER to watch John Ross and his secretary.....and become his secretaries best friend.............don't hate the player hate the game......... So sad seeing Larry Hagman's final episodes....... Looks like Ann used Bobby's gun to shoot Ryland because in the previews it looked as though Bobby was being arrested........ No denying John Ross is his father's son............I just hope Christopher wins out in the end..... Loving the Dallas reboot........


Chalk up another fan turned off by the Elena/Christopher pairing. These two are boring together, the actors don't have much chemistry. I still can't believe Cliff Barnes wasn't present for Rebecca's big reveal to Christopher and Bobby -- come ON, that would have made his life!! LOVED that Bobby went to JR for help with Ryland! JR might be a scoundrel, but he's the best and funniest scoundrel of them all. I sure would want him in my corner if I had a problem! Damn, am I going to miss him ....


Like a lot of the other commenters, the Chris and Elena union doesn't do much for me. It's not that I dislike either of them, they are just way too happy and that's not going to last. On the other hand, John Ross and Pamela are hot. Very curious to see J.R.'s reaction when he finds out about the two of them. The return of the brother was also a snooze. Annie got fed up and shot Ryland. That couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy. Unlike JR, Ryland is not likeable at all. JR's one liners and the obvious affection he has for Bobby is a treat. Did Frank get rid of Tommy's sister or just send her packing? Why was Bobby in handcuffs? Next week's show should really be interesting!


Ed, as you probably know, in general it is common for people to be in a main cast of a show and killed off at any given moment. These days though
it is becoming common these days for people to be in the opening credits for just a few episodes (or less) and then killed off. It happened twice in a three week span on one show for example. The fact that they are in the main credits sure does throw us off though. That doesn't mean that he is dead, but doesn't mean that your doubts as to why is fully sound.


I'm ashamed I watched this crap. The acting other than JR is beyond awful. That new brother is comically bad. This should be canceled ASAP. Jock would be turning over in his grave


*for him again. Christoper and Elena are lazy, and John Ross' new ruthless personality is all due to their abandonment of him and his cry for help to become a better man. The show WANTS us to root for Christopher and Elena, but honestly I have no desire. I'm rooting for John Ross and hope that he will one day aim to be a good man again. JOHN ROSS all the way!See More"


for him again. Christoper and Elena are lazy, and John Ross' new ruthless personality is all due to their abandonment of him and his cry for help to become a better man. The show WANTS us to root for Christopher and Elena, but honestly I have no desire. I'm rooting for John Ross and hope that he will one day aim to be a good man again. JOHN ROSS all the way!See More"

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