Grey's Anatomy Review: This Is a Family

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Even after all of these seasons, you still can’t help but love Grey’s Anatomy. Especially when it come sout with an episode such as "The Face of Change," an installment that has all your favorite parts wrapped up in just 60 minutes. Let’s talk about it.

Sneaking Around. Normally when you think of the docs sneaking around, it’s with each other. Not this time. All of the leads banded together to take on a trauma patient without the ER. Even with the new cast, this felt like old times. The group sticking together, covering for each other and doing its best to perform the medicine they were trained to do.

It didn’t hurt that Cristina was yelling out her dwarf names: Happy... Mouse...Ponytail...Dopey...

This was a risky move and not totally realistic anywhere other than Seattle Grace Mercy West. The writers did an excellent job in bringing in the patient by way of April and her new potential paramedic boyfriend. Way to tie things in in a sensible way.

Docs In Surgery

Competition Time. In an attempt to sell the hospital to Pegasus, Jackson and Alex were put in the running to be the brand ambassador. This led to some hilarious one-liners that are worth checking out on the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page. 

The not official girlfriends were into the competition as well. Stephanie and Jo went to bat for their guys regarding who should be the mug of the hospital. Again: hilarious. 

But, of course, it was Derek’s gorgeous face that made its way onto the elevator doors. Even though it was a little creepy looking, you can’t go wrong with McDreamy. 

It is not a horse. It’s a pegasus. The company looking to buy SGMW owns another hospital that Callie and Webber went to check out. These two have such great chemistry together. First playing husband and wife, then again as reps from Pegasus. I knew it would be Callie that would break about the hospital and come up with the idea to buy it. The thing I didn’t expect? That Richard has an early retirement package waiting for him. Personally, I don’t want to see a Grey’s Anatomy episode without James Pickens Jr. in it. 

Jalex? Looks like the worst kept secret will be coming true sooner rather than later. Jo and Alex are definitely on the path towards a couple - and it is a pretty great path. Everyone sees it, Meredith told Alex to go for it and by the end of the hour, it looked like Alex saw it for himself. Seriously, these two need to happen now. 

Side Notes

  • Alex did the voiceovers in this episode. Pretty cool way to change things up.
  • How cute are April and Matthew, the paramedic cutie?
  • How much do you hate Cahill? 
  • Check out the EXCLUSIVE TV Fanatic interview with Constance Zimmer on her character. 

Overall, another great episode from Shondaland. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Were you a fan of “The Face of Change?” What do you think will happen next? Will the plane crash victims buy the hospital? Will Richard retire?

Sound off below and don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week! Here's ABC's first promo for "Hard Bargain" ...


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As for Bailey being disagreeable, she probably blames them and their huge payouts for the hospital's problems. I can see why! Even if she didn't know the amount they got, it's obvious where the money would be coming from. That, and the whole situation is crap. Bailey's never exactly been Miss Congeniality anyway. As for Alex and Jo, I'd like to just see a kiss rather than jumping right into bed like he's done before. We all see how well *that's* turned out!


I totally hate people saying "put the show out of its misery". I'm a total Grey's Anatomy fan, so if you don't like it anymore, just don't watch it. Burke is gone since 2007, get over it! And as for the people who think that the new cast is terrible, weel I have bad news for you, but the world changes. You can't have the first cast forever. And no, the actors signed for two other years, so it's not near the end. As for Cahill, I don't hate her. She's doing her job, even though it's not what we like. I think April and her paramedic are very cute! Jackson was too on earth for her, who desperatly searches for romance and real old fashioned love. I'm super glad that they are buying the hospital, I didn't understand why they didn't do it before!


I agree with Karen W...put the show out of its misery...i cant even watch it anymore...I miss Burke (Isaiah Washington) so much...everyone changed after he left... His presence was the glue that kept the chemistry was like a domino effect ... All the creativity, storylines, cast everything started to fall apart because the one thing that was supposed to keep it together was not there...Isaiah Washington was made for that part and Sandra Oh was made to complement his character... Please bring him back they don't even have to be together but just bring him back to make it worth watching again... The original cast was and is the best... Burke, Addison, Izzie, George, Cristina, Mer, Derek, Bailey, Alex, Cheif, ...Callie and Sloan are good too


I'm sick of hearing about the hospital being for sale. I didn't see much of last nights episode, but comments above say crash survivors are buying SeattleGrace. That means more talk about trimming costs. I don't care much for the new people that includes Jo. I think the show may have one more year left. Far too many cast members with too little to do.


I thought this was one of the best of the year....Thank you to the writers for "updating" hospital situations happening around the country...being "bought out" by companies, companies not as concerned about "care", etc. Why would anyone EVER close an emergency room? Things like this are really happening. Also, loved McDreamy helping the rest of the staff. Loved Richard's role. Don't care for Avery's "new interest".
Think Alex will really get together with Jo. They make a cute couple. Can't wait until next week's episode.


This episode made me laugh out loud several times.
I can't stand all the new interns, can't help myself there. So I don't really like Alex and Jo together.
I loooved the scenes with Webber and Callie. Their undercover spying was SO funny. Ever since Webber is not Chief anymore I absolutely love him so he is absolutely not allowed to leave!
And I love April and her paramedic. He's adorable!


Alex and Jo are wonderful, but they should take it slow. The Chief's retirement package is a way for him to buy into the hospital, maybe at not quite the level some of the other's can. I love, love, love Constance Zimmer even in this role. Sometimes you need an anti-hero to bring everyone together. BUT...she does have a history with the chief and once the docs buy the hospital they can do just about anything they want. She might just discover that she wants to get back to cutting again. I hope she does and joins the cast. I'm so excited about the idea of them buying the hospital. Although it's not very realistic with the restrictions on physician-owned hospitals in Obamacare. Maybe they'll deal with that.


Put this show out of its misery already. It is terrible, the new cast members are terrible. If Richard leaves (which I guess he won't now that the crash survivors are buying the hospital) I'm done half paying attention to this while I'm online.


Is it just me or is Bailey being a bit of a bitch? Everytime she's in a room with the "crash" docs she takes a dig at them. It was Callie last night and Derek last week. Why is she blaiming them for all of this? Yes they got paid for what happened but given that they watched Mark and Lexie die, Arizona lost a leg, they spent all that time in the woods fighting for their lives and Derek is just now getting to use his hand, they should have been given a lot more. And what makes it worse is that nobody says anything when Bailey does that "you've done enough" thing. You would think that if something like this happened to people who are supposed to be your friends that you would be on their side. Is it just me?


Everybody knew the crash doc where going to buy the hospital. I love Alex and Jo together. Alex is a great guy that has been hurt so he just does the sex thing to cover. I think it is great that him and Joe are friends that will lead to lovers and just sex. Please don't put Avery and the red head back together. She got on my nerves with him. Keep her with the EMT. They are a great couple. The picture of Derek at the you know why I call him McNightmare!

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