Misha Collins Confirmed as Series Regular on Supernatural Season 9

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He's coming back. Full-time.

Two weeks after The CW renewed Supernatural for 2013-2014, fans of this long-running hit have now been given another reason to celebrate: Misha Collins will return to series regular status on Season 9.

The actor himself just confirmed the news via Twitter.

Serious Castiel

Details are scarce on just how Castiel will be brought back into the Winchester-based fold this fall, but we can also report Collins will direct an episode of the series next fall.

Supernatural Season 8, meanwhile, resumes this Wednesday night before taking a break for two weeks.

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Iam hoping for a full nuke possessed Abbadon itching have go at crowley.
Some how have a feeling, a fainyt one though that father of all reapers DEATH to appear and take the overall charge giving back Cass his grace.
Also hoping for cass to be Sure confident and stern as he was in season 4 & 5.and may be yes, with a lil' bit more authority.


@Richard. Michael was a let down when he finally appeared in S4 (also he should have been carrying an actual sword to fight Lucifer), but as a character he should return (with a new actor). He is the major archangel, after all. Lucifer should come back played only by Mark Pellegrino (he was fantastic). Glad you like the angels and Crowley. Me, too.
@ How about something new??? How can you say that the angel stuff is boring? Lucifer rising from the cage was probably one of the most exciting things I have seen on television (and on SPN). I agree that we need new scary things as well, but the angels and demons are great. You shouldn't say that you "hate" Destiel fans. Everyone has their right to fandom. We can criticise the direction of our favourite show (S8 is terrible), but we should never criticise the fans.


@ Dean Grimly I agree with all your choices except for Michael. Seeing Lucifer and Gabriel back would be fantastic.


Great news Misha will be back next season! I hope Crowley is, too.


Oh noes, MORE angel stuff. B-o-r-i-n-g ! Showrunners, how about another supernatural SCARY thing? You know, when the show was actually still scary? Whatever happened to the how-are-they-going-to-get-out-of-this kind of stuff? The storylines that kept you glued to the TV screen? Seasons 1-3 were by far the best. Don't mind Castiel as such (HATE destiel fans, keep that to fanfiction, please) but the demons/angels has passed their use by date. Find a new storyline, Show.


There can never be enough Castiel. Thank you CW. (It would be great to see Raphael, Balthazar, Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel return at some stage, too).


Just went I thought he wasn't coming back. Sigh...


yeeeeees!best news ever!


YAAAAAY!! Will be good to have Cas back. Maybe this time he'll join Sam and Dean in their day to day hunts. :D

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