NCIS Sneak Peek: McGee's Got the Hookup!

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Timothy McGee, whose father was just cast on NCIS, is full of surprises.

Tonight, the team races to track down Ducky and Jimmy after the duo disappears while transporting a body from a crime scene. But before that takes place, Palmer reveals an interesting fact about Tim.

Not intentionally, by any means. Tony and Ziva happen to bust the two engaging in some sort of covert transaction, after which the truth comes out ... and Tony appears to be the only one in the dark.

What connection does McGee have that only Tony didn't know about?

Watch the scene from this evening's episode, "Detour," below ...

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The same way there are mountain is DC and northern VA and the Navy Yard is "downtown" or two blocks from Georgetown.


This looks like a lot of fun. Why McGee kept it hidden is strange, but no doubt he has a reason. Can't wait!


I don't get it. How can they correctly note that Richmond is two hours from DC and yet act like Norfolk, (which is three hours on a good day) is 15 minutes away?

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Palmer: Oh my God.
Ducky: What?
Palmer: I just realized that I missed my nine-month wedding anniversary. Breena's going to kill me.
Ducky: You do know I have a heart condition.

Doctor, I respect you more than anyone in the world, so please forgive me when I say - go to hell. I'm not leaving you.