Pretty Little Liars Clips: Playing the Wilden Card

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An otherwise average episode of Pretty Little Liars was saved by the closing few minutes this week, as previews for next Tuesday's "Hot Water" imply that Spencer may actually come clean to her friends about Toby.

Thankfully. Finally.

What else can viewers expect to go down? A look into Detective Wilden by the gals, as teased in the following sneak peek. Watch Hanna open up to her mother now:

And then watch Wilden respond to this unofficial investigation, seemingly issuing a threat to his pursuers:

Finally, we switch gears and see Ella try to comfort Spencer, asking her what's wrong because she's never seen her so down. If only she knew, huh?

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Spindae 2o

I will just say remember last summer when they pinned everything on Paige and she was innocent !
So I'm not into the Wilden and CeCe combination! And the "women" in the red coat seemed small and much slimmer than these 2! look at the intro for 3x19 in one second U can see her face it's or a really slim girl or a man tiny boy crossdressed

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George Washington has dreadlocks on like half my tips.


She's a one-woman rumor factory.

Hanna (on CeCe)

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