Pretty Little Liars Review: Lukewarm Water

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UGH. Pretty Little Liars has got to stop waiting until the last few minutes to be entertaining. Halfway through tonight's episode, I wrote the following: "This is sooo boring."

"Hot Water" only delivered mostly tepid action this week. I felt like the majority of tonight's episode was dull, dull, dull. We got a few bits of important information and some romantic reunions, but there was definitely something lacking.

Detective Wilden Pic

The number one thing missing was Spencer's confession to the girls that Toby is A. Instead of using this episode to start repairing her relationships with her friends and preparing them for the danger lurking in the shadows, Spencer moped and sulked some more, hiding out in Ella's classroom with Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" on the chalkboard. Enough! I had enough of the pity party last week, and now I'm completely over it.

When she finally does dig herself out of her funk, she decides to hook up with Wren on the street. Melissa (who I've never trusted before and especially don't tonight) may have had a point when she said: "No company is better than bad company."

Seriously, Wren? Wren's been with Melissa, Spencer, Hanna and now Spencer again. It's just getting kind of incestuous - and Wren is not trustworthy. The way he moves so easily from one to the other suggests that he's motivated by something other than genuine attraction. Plus, their little make out session made A very upset.

So, was it Toby that locked Spencer in the steam room? Seems likely and also rather psychopathic. Then again, it would be a great way to show how dangerous Toby really is...without using a do-rag. But the whole incident did inspire her to fess up. At least, that's what it looked like.

The only part of the episode that did get a little interesting was the Wilden plot. He seems really interested in shutting up the girls (especially Hanna), which suggests there might be some truth the rumor. CeCe's terrified enough to leave town right away, but not before revealing that Melissa is more involved in Ali's death that we suspected. I don't think this lets CeCe completely off the hook because it's starting to look like everyone in Rosewood is a suspect

When is someone going to actually investigate Melissa? Maybe she's hiding a blonde wig and a red coat in her closet.

I do hope that Ashley wises up and calls the police to report what happened to her. She can't expect to get away with running Wilden down and the best way to avoid being arrested is to confess that she feared for her life. This can't be the first time Wilden has abused his authority because he seems very skilled at it. In fact, we know this isn't the first time and so does Ashley.

Other than Wilden and CeCe offering up some juicy tidbits for discussion, Emily was able to break into the costume store's records and get the invoice for the Queen of Hearts costume. Guess we'll find out about that next week. Bummer for Spencer if she finds out that person who tried to kill her then was her boyfriend in drag. But it would make a for dramatic moment!

The episode featured an Ezria reunion, which unfortunately coincided with Ezra's mother returning as well. Although she's terrible at interfering in her son's lives, Mrs. Fitz-scary isn't wrong about Aria and Ezra's relationship. Aria needs to realize this probably isn't the best time for Ezra to have a relationship so far away from his son. Plus, maybe she can go back to considering Wes for more than 2.5 seconds. What do you think?

Don't forget to sound off later this week in the Pretty Little Liars Round Table - and right now on my Pretty Little Liars review.


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how do we know it wasn't Spencer's sister who locked her in the steam/shower. and Toby seems to be everywhere, maybe picked up the cop after he got hit by the car! I think the person who locked Spencer in the shower texted Aria, so she would get saved and think about the consequences ---like it was A. Aria is way too young to have to deal with this Ezra thing.he'll have his son around alot, and then it will be the three of them playing house. She's only a young teenager and to live her life as a young stepmom is way beyond her years. but don't hook up with his brother!! eewww!!


My main issue is Ezria. The first season their relationship was kind of like every high school girl's dream. But now... Oh gosh. Their whole relationship has changed. Before it worked because Aria was "mature for age." Now that Ezra has a son she is acting like a baby. Ezra just had a life changing experience- meeting his son for the first time- and what does Aria first say to him? "Why didn't you call me?" Really Aria? Are you that selfish and insecure? Aria is supposed to be the free spirit and confident, independent girl in the group. Where is she now? It's like she can't live without a guy in her life! Ezra may have just found out he has a kid, but really he has too: (Malcom and Aria).


Three filler episodes in a row! This close to the season finale, the show should be gearing up. I'm getting worried, hopefully PLL knocks the next four episodes out of the park with revelations, new questions and twists! And please break up Aria and Ezra! Like come on, two episodes without them is not enough after nearly three seasons of it.


The main reason I watch this show is for Ezra and Aria. I hope they don't break them up and Ezra disappears. I suppose that his character wouldn't serve a purpose if he isn't involved with her though. This is the one relationship that has lasted since the first episode. Don't break them up now.


Are you kidding? That episode was really good! Not every episode has to be stimulating throughout its 40 minutes. God you're hard to impress.


I have to say that season just isn't living up to the hype. Lots of boring episodes. Also - I can't say I even like the thought of Aria and Wes. I mean, ewwww, she slept with his brother. If we want to get Aria a new guy, please don't let it be Aria's brother. When did Spencer text Aria? Did I miss that? For a mom, Ashley just isn't smart. Hit and Run and then return? Sigh, and I thought it was just the PLL that weren't too smart. And for a strong girl, Spencer is driving me nuts with this moping. And kiss Wren? Who MONA sent to see her? Ah, hello. How can we even begin to trust this guy with his past with almost all the PLL. I keep watching, though, hoping that the girls will smarten up - start to fight back, stick together and maybe even go for some revenge.


Okay, I gotta vent about Wren being the only doctor in town (what is this, Grey's Anatomy?!). When he was introduced, he was either an intern or a resident, and yes, they transfer services a lot. But why was he the one dealing with Emily about the steroids, then showing up at the psych hospital and appearing to be the primary (and only) doctor dealing with Mona? (There was another place he showed up, but I forgot where.) Arrrrh. (Yes, I know this is a minor point that has nothing to do with the plot of this episode.) I don't recall Spencer sending a text to Aria, but she didn't say she hadn't. And they really made light of the information that Jason was in Virginia, hiding. Spencer did seem more like herself toward the end of the episode (the hair wasn't as crazy), which I found to be a relief; crazy Spencer is scary. And may I say Wilden is an ass?


A kind if boring episode up until the end. So is Ezra leaving again because that will be nice I actually like not having him around. Ok Hanna's mom ran over Wilden then when they went back he was gone so is that like a thing now someone falls down in a elevator and walks away and now someone gets hit by a car and walks away. Aria coming and saving spencer was like the best part because it took that for her to finally say she's ready to confess. It looks like in the next episode spencer tells the girls about Toby which means that will be a great episode can't wait for it.


Damn! I was hoping for a much longer break from Ezria.


It might not be easy to know WHAT the person is lying about, but it's usually easy to figure out that something is up. Most people's behavior is patterned...if something in the pattern changes, then my antenna goes up....

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