Pretty Little Liars Review: Lukewarm Water

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UGH. Pretty Little Liars has got to stop waiting until the last few minutes to be entertaining. Halfway through tonight's episode, I wrote the following: "This is sooo boring."

"Hot Water" only delivered mostly tepid action this week. I felt like the majority of tonight's episode was dull, dull, dull. We got a few bits of important information and some romantic reunions, but there was definitely something lacking.

Detective Wilden Pic

The number one thing missing was Spencer's confession to the girls that Toby is A. Instead of using this episode to start repairing her relationships with her friends and preparing them for the danger lurking in the shadows, Spencer moped and sulked some more, hiding out in Ella's classroom with Keats' "Ode to a Nightingale" on the chalkboard. Enough! I had enough of the pity party last week, and now I'm completely over it.

When she finally does dig herself out of her funk, she decides to hook up with Wren on the street. Melissa (who I've never trusted before and especially don't tonight) may have had a point when she said: "No company is better than bad company."

Seriously, Wren? Wren's been with Melissa, Spencer, Hanna and now Spencer again. It's just getting kind of incestuous - and Wren is not trustworthy. The way he moves so easily from one to the other suggests that he's motivated by something other than genuine attraction. Plus, their little make out session made A very upset.

So, was it Toby that locked Spencer in the steam room? Seems likely and also rather psychopathic. Then again, it would be a great way to show how dangerous Toby really is...without using a do-rag. But the whole incident did inspire her to fess up. At least, that's what it looked like.

The only part of the episode that did get a little interesting was the Wilden plot. He seems really interested in shutting up the girls (especially Hanna), which suggests there might be some truth the rumor. CeCe's terrified enough to leave town right away, but not before revealing that Melissa is more involved in Ali's death that we suspected. I don't think this lets CeCe completely off the hook because it's starting to look like everyone in Rosewood is a suspect

When is someone going to actually investigate Melissa? Maybe she's hiding a blonde wig and a red coat in her closet.

I do hope that Ashley wises up and calls the police to report what happened to her. She can't expect to get away with running Wilden down and the best way to avoid being arrested is to confess that she feared for her life. This can't be the first time Wilden has abused his authority because he seems very skilled at it. In fact, we know this isn't the first time and so does Ashley.

Other than Wilden and CeCe offering up some juicy tidbits for discussion, Emily was able to break into the costume store's records and get the invoice for the Queen of Hearts costume. Guess we'll find out about that next week. Bummer for Spencer if she finds out that person who tried to kill her then was her boyfriend in drag. But it would make a for dramatic moment!

The episode featured an Ezria reunion, which unfortunately coincided with Ezra's mother returning as well. Although she's terrible at interfering in her son's lives, Mrs. Fitz-scary isn't wrong about Aria and Ezra's relationship. Aria needs to realize this probably isn't the best time for Ezra to have a relationship so far away from his son. Plus, maybe she can go back to considering Wes for more than 2.5 seconds. What do you think?

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Aria's costuming was awful this episode. I really think I dislike her outfits the most, out of the four girls. Ugh. Anyway, Wren and Spencer--no. That isn't going anywhere. Wilden--I love that actor (really miss him in Death Valley, which MTV canceled). I wish they'd put him in a show where he had more of a lead role. Obviously, he's not dead, but I wonder if he walked away or if one of the A team 'kidnapped' him and is holding him somewhere, to keep him quiet. The police car camera recording--wonder if that will wind up in A's hands or if one of our 'heroes' will have the presence of mind to wipe the drive. Paige and the other woman--it might be old history, as Paige has said, but she's still being rather cagey with Emily. I must say that if my boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever hedged as much as all of them on this show did, I'd dump him as fast as I could. I need to trust my guy, and all these half-truths, omissions, and outright lies wouldn't help me do that. It might not be easy to know WHAT the person is lying about, but it's usually easy to figure out that something is up. Most people's behavior is patterned...if something in the pattern changes, then my antenna goes up....


Sasha - At least she was in college and OF AGE. That's the creepy part. An adult having a relationship with a minor! It's gross. If he loves her as much as they want us to believe....then wait for her! Geez.
I don't know why this show worships those two so much. They are WAY past their expiration date. People are sick of them...time for a change.


PLL is one of the most riduculous shows ive seen in a long started off with a brilliant seaosn keeping us on our edges..2.5 seasons down im not sure why im still watching it. this is so far fetched its like the writers habe nothng more to show but dont wanna end it because they'll lose their jobs.going round and round a subject believeing the viewer as an IQ of a melissa is A...yesterday tobey was A..before that thin we know the waitors at the grill are A as well.yawn yawn. oo spencer's finally fessing up?what gives?maybe shes the new A

Spindae 2o

Great episode! Ur 3 stars are really depressing! Spencers road finally come to end! and a new begging is on the horizont! She and Wren are cute and can't wait to see a LTriangle come up with Toby! Hanna, her Mom and Wilden! I really didn't see Ashley running over Wilden! Didn't she heard about driving reverse!? I see A blackmailing again. Aria and Ezra were never interesting to me. So Aria's only meaningful scene was her saving Spencer. Emily. . .I love her being so insecure even if she is SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. . .She and paige are so beautiful. Can't wait for next week and Spence going GAGA!!!!


I don't get why some people make such a big deal with Ezria age gap, my best friend parents are 11 years apart, they met in college, he was a teacher and she a student, started dating when she didn't have class with him and they have been happily married for 25 years, going out with your ex's brother seems way worse for me, and not only t will be awkard but also it would bring problems between the brothers


lol why does ezrah's ugly face have to get more screentime than wren and jason wtf stop ruining my 40 inch screen, i paid good money to perve in HD not to see his fugly face


I was actually laughing hysterically at Wilden disappearing because that's two weeks in a row we've had someone get injured and then disappear into thin air. I agree that Spencer's moping was just unbearable. I think we all get it, Spencer is devastated. We don't need to devote anymore time to it. I don't even think Emily had this many depressing scenes after Maya died.


I know I hate that PLL is doing this inane filler episodes! Spencer is becoming a real drag. I suppose it does serve a bigger purpose somewhere down the line but I am over it now. I'm super excited for next weeks ep.. Hopefully we'll have full on drama. Are we getting 24 or 25 eps this season?


I am so sick of Wren and his 2 episode storyline. Why can't the writers just write him off the show like they did with Sean and Alex. Anyways at least Spencer will finally fess up to the girls about Toby.


In defense of Wrencer, the fact that Melissa and the A team (if they are distinct entities, which I'm not sure of) hate Wren, that's gotta speak in Wren's favour. He made Spencer smile and really helped her break her funk. Hopefully it'll be a rebound. Her last boyfriend was involved in plots to kill her and her friends. I don't think Wren is on the A team, so he's gotta be a step up. At least Spencer is going to fess up to the girls about Toby. But honestly, Caleb and Paige should be told too. Why haven't they really investigated Melissa? Come on, people. By the way, how likely is it that enough of Wren's cologne rubbed off on Spencer and lingered long enough for Melissa to detect it? Ashley running over Wilden - he pushed Momma Bear too far. But now A has something beyond huge on Hanna. Hanna needs to convince her mum to call the police. I don't see them breaking Ezria up anytime soon. Too popular, and after the Spoby fall out, it'd be too much too soon.

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