Supernatural Review: The Gods Must Be Crazy

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You'd think someone would have said "Release the Kraken" on Supernatural this week, right?

Sam and Dean were back on the hunt for the strange and weird, leading them to a potential zombie case that turned out to be a little more divine than dead. Rather, "Remember the Titans" spun a classic Greek myth with a Supernatural twist.

The Zombie Investigation

As legend had it, Prometheus was the Titan who stole fire for humans, allowing them to advance and become civilized. Zeus got pissed and punished him to eternal torment, causing him to die over and over again... except Zeus lost him and Sam and Dean found him.

And yet, over time Prometheus gained Jason Bourne fighting skills complete with amnesia, along with a seven-year old son suffering the same death curse. Not exactly the best traits to pass on.

What better way to reverse the curse than summon Zeus himself?

While Liam Neeson didn't grace the screen, Supernatural's Zeus still had a certain level of screen presence that was both menacing and powerful. It was fun seeing the blue lighting bolts zap everyone around.

And while the demons and angels have always played at the forefront of being more on the top tier of otherworldly beings, it did make me think about the power of Zeus. Would it really be that easy to take him out? Most incarnations of the Greek god have been pretty all powerful, so I wasn't entirely sure Sam and Dean could finish the job.

In a way, they merely facilitated the victory through the actions of Prometheus and Artemis.

I loved Sam trash talking Artemis and calling out her love tryst with Prometheus. It was a bold move that got the brothers thrown around a bit (kind of fun to watch), while getting Artemis to quit following her father's orders.

Dean's facial expressions were spot on hilarious. Each time Sam said something to Artemis, Dean would switch from frown to smirk to wide eyes, all while being restrained against the wall.

However, despite the boy's mother causing Prometheus to get hurt even more because she freed Zeus (c'mon, did she really think Zeus was a nice guy?), the curse was ended when Prometheus gave his own life for a final time.

It really brings up Prometheus' point about saving the world only meaning something when he could save his son. It was certainly something reflecting of Sam and Dean's predicaments in saving the world themselves.

I'm assuming Zeus wasn't defeated because of his disappearing act, but it makes me wonder what the repercussions of fighting him might be, if any at all.

Not exactly my favorite bad guy the brothers have fought, but it worked out and was something different from what we usually witness. Will we perhaps see even more Greek gods in the future?

But on top of the case of the week, I enjoyed Sam and Dean's final comments about their own mission to save the world; a la closing the Gates of Hell.

Sam acknowledging that he was having doubts about surviving the God trials (he's spitting up a lot more blood), while Dean was there to tell him to quit being emo and be positive. At least they weren't worried about trust.

Yet, it was Dean's prayer to Castiel (seriously, where is that angel?) that was a great monologue about looking out for his little brother. It was nice seeing him get emotional, hoping his friend might appear to help, and then really shaking his head as to what might be going on.

We haven't heard a peep out of Crowley, Naomi or Castiel in quite some time.

This was a much more interesting episode than last week's "Man's Best Friend with Benefits," and although not mind blowing in concept, it was still an good take on Greek mythology, keeping the brothers together and driving forward on their quest to save the world.

After all, Sam and Dean are legacies. No big deal.


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Im pretty sure that a TITAN alone can wipe out Crowley's demon minions. so it wouldn't be that much of an epic final battle imo. Also i want the character of DEATH to make an appearance at least once before this season is over !!.


Is it just me or are Sam and Dean gaining a whole lot of allies for the past few episodes? This episode Artemis, last episode James and Portia, a few episodes back Aaron and his Golem, and before that they find Charlie (again), not to mention Castiel, Kevin, and Garth. That is a whole lot of making allies if you ask me. Didn't they say that Crowley wasn't going to let them close the gates the of hell without a fight. What if in one of the last episodes the Winchesters call in for some reinforcements? Imagine that. A Witch and his familiar, a Golem, an Angel, a Titan and Garth, fighting it out against Crowley and his Demon army. I'm calling this one here. One of the last episodes this season will be called "A Little Help From My Friends", and will have this plot. And the last one I bet will be, "Sha na na na Goodbye". I put a lot of thought into this


I look forward to this show every week.. My friends and I talk about it for das after..Love it..ope it does not end anytime soon.


You had me agreeing to everything until you stated that "Gods Must be Crazy" was a better episode than last weeks (MBFWB) I think the concept of greek gods "could" have been done WAY more interestingly than was portrayed. I was seriously underwhelmed. Zeus is much more of a badass than was shown and I really doubt that Artemis arrow could have done him in so easily. IDK, I love Greek gods, but I really think show dropped the ball and the story was lame. Prometheus & Artemis were really hot but Baby Mama had the worst acting skills Ive seen on show in a long time. I am still loving the Bat cave and all that it entails--the whole Legacy thing" I guess Im more impressed than the Gods Sam REALLY really needs to come clean with Dean about the blood etc cause at this point (after everything they have been through) his whole silence is coming across as stupid at this point. Also, I would LOVE for show to focus more on the Men of Letters legacy--I know this would have to be for next season, but I am finding lately that I could watch the boys tinker around in their batcave for 47 minutes with NO problems and its more interesting to me than the MOW. =) Still my FAVORITE thing on tv. but a walking dead crossover would be so ridiculously awesome that It could only happen in my brain.


I adore Brooke Langton (The Replacements). I didn't know it was she at first, I just thought What a drop dead gorgeous and talented actress. Then I saw her name, Googled it, and bingo! And the little fella was wonderful. The acting on Supernat is just so spot on. Jensen's final monologue prayer reduced me to tears. He's done that before. These two guys are just the best and why they have not been nominated for Emmys is beyond me. The episode itself: Interesting, not my favourite, but no Supernat episode can ever really disappoint.


I did not watch it this time. I was watching Law and Order SVU. I did flip to SPN to get a fill on what was going on. Although it felt strange not watching it I'm glad I did. Once they said they were going kill Zeus I had enough then. I just hate that I missed the prayer. Maybe I will watch online.


@ Sa'ad702 Remember at the Kevin Tran auction they referred to God as "capital G". So the show recognizes an "alpha" God, as it were: seemingly the God of the Abrahmic faiths is that God. Otherwise, it's fairly normal for humans to refer to beings or elements that have more control and power than themselves as "gods". It doesn't just have to be entities, it can be concepts which have more control over our own lives than we do: Fate, Destiny, Life, Death, Time. Even with more powerful animals, those animals have been turned into near god-like beings in some cultures (wolves, lions, etc). This is one reason why the person of Jesus Christ was difficult for even the apostles to swallow ... if Jesus was a divine being, why didn't he overpower others ? It's easier to identify the one overpowering and killing everyone against their will in a room as a "god", but not so much the others.


Not the best episode ever. Not the worst either. Artemis was a virgin goddess, it would had been nice to remember that, and the kid was I wish Dean went back to his S1-2 self. I mean, his jokes are so dumb now, it makes me sad because he used to be a really funny, smart character. But at least he's noticed Sam is not okay, Sam hasn't needed to tell him, and they're not arguing on that (yet). I loved the final scene. Sam praying to save his brother, about to cry...reminded me of one of the best scenes Dean has had, when Sam died in season 2. Good job there, Jensen. The small domestic scenes where the brothers are together in the batcave are so cute.


@jrwt I hear ya cuz I'm missing the music too!


2/28/13 4:23 PM Report
I loved this episode. I adore both brothers equally and wonder why they sometimes have Dean being "dumb" to the most basic things, but brilliant to some of the more difficult facts. Meh. Dean had me near tears with his sweet, desperate prayer to Castiel; all that was missing was him kneeling at the side of his bed. He knows Sam is in big trouble after only one of the trials and is appealing to his angel friend for help, but there is only silence and no Cas--which gives Dean another worry. As for the Prometheus/Zeus/Oliver story, I thought it unique and engrossing. When Oliver spoke to Sam--his first words in a long time!--I teared up. It was sad that Shane had to sacrifice himself for his son, but that's what parents do. Let's just hope that Sam doesn't have to die--again--when these trials are over. As for Sam becoming a god. . .I don't know about that. Could he still hang out with his brother if he became a god? -- Love, Robin
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