Cougar Town Review: A Stern Talking To

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Like a good bottle of wine, when Cougar Town is telling great jokes one after another, there’s really nothing better.

Therefore, there was REALLY nothing better than "Saving Grace," as Grayson found religion, Jules found a seagull and Ellie coined the cracker pocket.

Andy & Ellie

Grayson not believing in a higher power, or Laurie’s a little bit of everything, fits him perfectly - and it’s rather hilarious how he's using all that time during Jules’ lengthy grace sessions: to get some alone time.

While Grayson doesn’t need to worship or believe in anything, Jules is correct in pointing out that he should support, not mock, whatever she believes in (even if it might be Mr. Beakington’s alter at this point). Cougar Town never touches upon religion, but it’s a nice note to pick up from after learning more of Chick’s ailing health battles. It’s always peaceful to find comfort and solace in something: Ellie finds it in her cracker pocket and Grayson finds it by thinking of Jules.

Ellie’s complacency with Andy (but not with Jules – there’s still hope for them!) and the way she dressed was a bit of a hard sell. Mostly because I was enjoying all the different ways Ellie could stuff whatever article of clothing she could find with crackers, but also for Ellie’s attempts to get back at the 14-25 year old. It’s too bad the cul-de-sac ladies got a stern talking to by the girl’s mother. I was really hoping for another fountain fight.

Bobby and Riggs didn’t have the star-crossed lovers moments that Bobby and Target had last week, but when Bobby found the female version of himself, well, there was some potential there. After Bobby’s fizzling out in Cougar Town Season 3 with Angie, he has mostly come across as just a bachelor. It’s hard to put him with someone long term when there are already two couples on the show and one toying with the idea.

So Riggs is a great place to start since we all have a great idea of who Bobby is and how he dates. Riggs makes things super simple.

Other thoughts:

  • Call backs! Tom Cruise run, the gang thinking Travis comes out, beached manatee.
  • I hope Courteney Cox received some hazard and emotional distress checks for putting up with dodge balls to the head and birds everywhere.
  • I seriously want a cracker pocket.
  • I’m still waiting for Pig Trials, and now I have to wait for Cartoon Character Smackdown?

Also, enjoy some of our favorite Cougar Town quotes from “Saving Grace:”

Jules: Time for family dinner.
Grayson: Uh, if it's family, then why is she here?
Ellie: What am I supposed to do eat with Andy? I did that yesterday. | permalink

Travis: You know, I've actually been experimenting at school.
Ellie: I totally called that!
Jules: What's his name? Is he cute?
Travis: I meant with religion.
Jules: Aw man, I was excited to show you how cool I'd be about it. | permalink

Jules: When did you get so good at lying?
Ellie: There's no shortcut. Just practice, practice, practice. | permalink

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This episode really did have the jokes coming one after the other, making it one of the best episodes of the seasons, definitely! The line about "Unless my pecker fell off, then yes I'm a girl" was hilarious! I hope she stays on for a while. It actually would be really interesting to watch Bobby have a chance with someone, especially someone so similar to him. And the crab walk everytime Andy said mayor was totally Cougar Town style! And yes, Travis's additions at the end made it even better! I, too, would really like a cracker pocket, what a great idea! Another great episode :)


I found the last three minutes to be the most funniest the show has been this season. I don't know but I wish they never made Jules and Grayson a couple.

Spindae 2o

I started crying how hard I laugh at Jules getting hit in the head.
and the final scene with andy and travis was awesome as well.
missed the lory and travis story.

Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Travis: You know, I've actually been experimenting at school.
Ellie: I totally called that!
Jules: What's his name? Is he cute?
Travis: I meant with religion.
Jules: Aw man, I was excited to show you how cool I'd be about it.

You're dressing like a lady who would do stuff for just a little bit of crack.